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Field trip report

es. Harj has a diversebackground in investment banking and finance. Harj currently holds a CharteredFinancial Analyst designation along with Certified Financial Planner, and Charter BusinessValuator. ... ng with Harj in regardsto the function that an investment advisor plans, I really got the feel that financialplanning plays a major role when helping a client determine what kind of investments topurs ...

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TD bank field trip

Shareholder Value".For my field trip I went to TD Bank to interview Ken Vashisht. Ken is acertified financial planner and has completed his financial managementprogram full time at BCIT. He is current ... ment Banking & Solutions as a District Sales Manager. His lastjob with TD Bank was working as a Financial Planner/Advisor thereforeKen has a lot of experience with working at the Bank in investmen ...

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The World Of Business

The World of Business " What does it take to get people to realize they could suffer financial ruin if they don't take steps to protect themselves? The answer: financial ruin"� S ... ). Almost every job requires college or some sort of technical schooling nowadays, as does finance. Financial managers work with companies and improve techniques within the company to make their money ... future. In today's world everyone tries to get the most out of their money, that's why the field of financial/portfolio managing stands as an important part of the business world.College, an essential ...

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