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Streetgangs. A guide to community awareness

ANGSThere are many reasons people join gangs. Attention, excitement, peer pressure, protection, and financial gain are a few. In some families, gang membership is a tradition. Other people become gang ... . These friends are often discarded for their fellow gang members.Parents can be subjected to heavy financial bills for legal services, medical treatment, jail housing, and restitution to victims. The ...

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Affluent Society of the 50's and the effect on the youth of the nation.

conomic status of the country and also in births. As the new Cold War emerged, more opportunity for financial gain arose and parents began to purchase new belongings for their offspring to provide for ...

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The Case for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

eath penalty all together.One of the main benefits of abolishing the death penalty is the immediate financial gain each state receives. In 1988, Dr. Harold G Grasmick and Dr. Robert Bursik, Jr. found ...

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Classic Hollywood and Preston Sturges "Sullivan's Travels"

ilm Hollywood is accurately depicted as a business of entertainment, producing pleasure for as much financial gain as possible. This in a sense was the "Classic Hollywood" style, with it's organized n ...

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"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The 1920s was a time of excess and growth. Economically, the 1920s was a time for great financial gain. Largely because of improvements in technology, productivity increased while overall ...

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An Adventure to the New World: Massachusetts Vs. Virginia

a from England in the 17th century. These individuals envisioned Virginia as an atmosphere of swift financial gain where spices and gold were present in surplus amounts. Virginia was also known to hav ...

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Literarary Analysis of "Chee's Daughter"

n Miller express in "Chee's Daughter". The story shows how grandparents use their granddaughter for financial gain. It also shows how the wealthy obtain respect from people because of their possession ... Navajo traditions and customs as well as the theme of greed. They suggest that people often choose financial welfare over family and friends. The authors also want people to learn that money-oriented ...

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Are people motivated to achieve by personal satisfaction rather than by money or fame?

ere rewarded with badges of honor, they often felt no incentive to work even harder as there was no financial gain. It is unrealistic and incredibly idealistic to believe that, when so many people are ...

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A Case Study of the H.B. Fuller Case on Honduras: Street Children and Substance Abuse

ing to businesses and stakeholders, the community and society in general that we are concerned with financial gain at the expense of people's safety. Such perceptions, however, are in direct contrast ... ngers of drug abuse. Furthermore, we plan to work with the local government to educate locals about financial opportunities in their area, the lack of which is the primary cause of escape and overdosi ...

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Steroids: The Politics of Sports' Fluid

The sports business including ticket sales, sports paraphernalia, pay-per-view, and other means of financial gain in America, profits in the billions per year. The average baseball player, for exampl ...

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How does class influence identity in contemporary society?

capital-owning or ruling class who owned the property and took advantage of laborers for their own financial gain and the 'Proletariat' who were the property-less exploited working class.Marx put for ...

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An Inspector Calls

erwhelm his family in whatever way he can, and this usually means being harsh. He is mainly out for financial gain or else to improve his reputation. Birling is very ignorant about the real world and ... the end of the play we learn that Mr Birling hasn't changed his views at all as he still is out for financial gain and to make a better reputation for the family, but Sheila does change from realising ...

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What Motivates People At Work?

at motivates people at work? There are 5 factors that can motivate people to work. Firstly, salary, financial gains and bonuses can motivate people. People work for money to live. The higher salary th ... oyee; all the employees will want to get the bonus. They will be more motivated to work. Therefore, financial gain is a very important factor to motivate the workers.Medical benefits, insurance, gifts ...

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Foreign Policy

re one of the most powerful of U.S. special interest groups. Some say that, "using their formidable financial and political clout, the industry has grown expert in slanting U.S. policy decisions for i ...

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fast paced world of worshipping the all mighty dollar, many people become so resentful of another's financial gain that it consumes their lives to "keep up with the Jones'." Keeping up with the Jonese ... r an overcoat like his." The result of this feeling may be an added help for the man to improve his financial condition. The feeling "I want this man's car or overcoat, or diamond shirt studs, or indu ...

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Controversial Television Advertising

re as a pervasive weapon that is aimed at capturing the attentions of America?s youth for their own financial gain. Advertising is a destructive role model for children. The Center of the Study of Com ...

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Executive Mis-Conduct

generally encompasses a variety of nonviolent crimes usually committed in commercial situations for financial gain" (Cornell University Law School, 2007). White-collar crime can therefore overlap into ... yees. With that being said, categories of misconduct can be summarized into three major categories; financial impropriety, harassment, and personal conduct that proves embarrassing to a corporation; a ...

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Foreign Direct Investment & Regulatory Environment

, and skills. There are advantages to FDI into countries such as job growth in a depressed country, financial gain to the country's economy, education of the citizens, and inexpensive labor costs for ...

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Repressed memory should not be used as evidence in court

court. First, evidence from cases in America suggests that people use repressed memory as a use of financial gain within the American court system. Second, research shows the unreliability of repress ... is that many citizens in America have been documented to use the excuse of repressed memory to gain financially. Repressed Memory Syndrome (RMS) is often referred to as "False Memory Syndrome" (FMS). ...

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Why Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations Are Better?

ch out to the uninsured and under privileged. These non-profit organizations provide services at no financial gain to themselves. Non-profit health care organizations have had an impact on the current ... d States.A nonprofit health care organization provides health care services without looking for any financial gains. These nonprofit organizations maintain a standard database of information regarding ...

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