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An assessment of the Telstra Corporation’s profitability, and short-term and long-term Liquidity.

bers to specific analysis. Following is an analysis of the Telstra Corporation's year 2000 and 2001 financial statements. This analysis is intended to, through the calculation of ratios, assess the sh ... ion.2.Short-term LiquidityShort-term liquidity is the ability of the company to meet its short-term financial commitments. Short-term liquidity ratios measure the relationship between current liabilit ...

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Netware Salvage Utility

nd it will be the job of the LAN administrator to save the day because the files were the company's financial statements and they are due in a meeting yesterday. The NetWare 3.12 and 4.X SALVAGE util ...

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Annual Report of a company - Toronto Dominion Bank

nto their annual report thoroughly. In order to justify my decision I must evaluate Canadian Tire's financial statements based on there liquidity, leverage and profitability of the company.When arrang ...

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Harmonisation of accounting standards.

"the process of bringinginternational Accounting Standards into some sort of agreement so that the financialstatements from different countries are prepared according to a common set of principles of ... reduce or overcome differences world-wide, in order to reach a better internationalcomparability of financial statements. Harmonisation has been broken down into two aspects: material and formal harmo ...

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1. Are financial accounting statements useful to investors? 2. Describe and discuss the historical cost convention 3. Critically evaluate marginal and absorption costing

1. Are financial accounting statements useful to investors? 1.1 Introduction Financial accounting stateme ... n enterprise and are used in an attempt to help make informed decisions in the present and future. Financial statements portray the effects of transactions and other events by grouping them into broa ... them into broad classes (or elements) according to their economic characteristics. The three basic financial statements are the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement. There ...

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Financial vs. Managerial Accounting, 693 words, short paper about financial and managerial accounting also includes rules/regulations, CPA and CMA

Financial AccountingFinancial accounting involves the preparation of a business's financial statemen ... y. Some government agencies that regulate business and the stock market require companies to submit financial statements to them. Additionally, stockholders, suppliers, and banks also benefit from the ... an and control a company's operations. Accountants prepare budgets to express management's goals in financial terms by identifying, measuring, accumulating, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating ...

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Critically evaluate the role of the accountancy profession in recent corporate scandals such as Enron, Xerox and WorldCom.

ite an important role in scandals such as Enron, Xerox, and Worldcom, as all they all deal with the financial accounts not showing a true and fair view the company. Hence it is the role of accountants ... wing a true and fair view the company. Hence it is the role of accountants to prepare and check the financial statements. Therefore I feel that in the essay it is worth analyzing who exactly in the ac ...

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My essay gives a description of the cost principle, revenue recognition principle, matching principle and all of there differences, all the work is cited and refrenced

venue Recognition principle, which are all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles used in today's financial world. Each of these individual principles is unique in their structure and purpose, and a ... e Cost, Matching, and Revenue Recognition Principle's are all very different in the way they effect financial statements as well as other aspects of accounting.The Cost Principle:The Cost prin ...

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What effects are the new accounting standards to be introduced going to have on business's within the UK and US?

International reporting StandardsOver the last 15-20 years, the financial world has undergone a major transformation. These developments have been mainly attributab ... easing global competition and rapid technological improvements whilst at the same time, the world's financial centres have grown increasingly interconnected (Reinstein, Weirich,, 2002).These developme ... l major issues. One major issue that continues to re-emerge time and time again is the diversity of financial reporting standards, between trading nations.As the principle objective of financial accou ...

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Difference between accumulated depreciation and depreciation expense and how they are related.

e, is stated to represent the attempt to allocate an assets initial cost over its useful lifecycle. Financial managers attempt to match annual expenses of plant and equipment ownership against produce ... f year, the vehicles would depreciate in value and this loss must be accounted for in the company's financial statements. In reflecting this loss, the company gives shareholders an accurate portrayal ...

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Discussion into the impact of adoption of International Accounting Standards to the UK

Accounting with Finance (Hons)Advanced Financial Accounting Coursework'Discuss the impact of the adoption of international accounting stand ... ably investors, who have a monetary interest in the company, and directors who seek to maintain the financial well-being and future growth of a company, but there are also others who may take an inter ... Creditors may be interested to know the likelihood that a company can honour its debts. In addition financial statements are required when a company produces its yearly tax return. A useful set of fin ...

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Enron's Audit

areholders, lenders, employees, customers, suppliers and policy-markets with the assurance that the financial information provided by companies is reliable. During the past few years, the auditing pro ... t three previously unconsolidated special purpose entities should have been consolidated in Enron's financial statements based on the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Disclosure of the three ...

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Lucent Technologies

rimarily the result of a November 21, 2000, announcement in which Lucent said it had to restate its financial statements as a result of an internal investigation revealing accounting irregularities. L ... cher, Sparks). Lucent 's reserves and restructuring charges were properly disclosed in its external financial statements, it is possible that management's intent with respect to accounting for reserve ...

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Intangible assets

why is it that assets with no physical substance have such a large influence on the results of the financial statements? The valuation of intangible assets, such as goodwill, patents and trademarks, ... h the discussion of intangible assets; all of which can have a drastically different outcome on the financial statements. There is also a great deal of debate over the valuation of intangible assets i ...

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Financial statements

Financial statements are significant for a business. They should provide information about the finan ... nd similar decisions. (Kam, 1990, p34) Meanwhile, they are important to decision makers who use the financial information they provide to evaluate the performances of the firm and themselves. Thus, in ... nces of the firm and themselves. Thus, inaccurate financial statements may distort the portrayal of financial position and operating results of a business. For this reason, cash basis of accounting, a ...

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IntroductionFinancial statements are usually prepared by an entity to communicate information about its financia ... lain the importance of understanding which accounting policies have been used in preparing a set of financial statements, mainly to which applied to property plant and equipment.The Statement of Accou ... r many of the required disclosures about retirement benefit costs. Under the FRS-1, general purpose financial reports shall include a clear and concise statement of all accounting policies adopted by ...

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Case study of diferences between US and UK accounting

imilar. In both countries the audit report seeks to give a second opinion as to the fairness of the financial statements and in both cases will state the auditors opinion regarding the fairness of the ... accounting standards within that particular country.The two opinion paragraphs from the Caterpillar financial report 2002 and the Marks and Spencer 2002 at first read seem to state similar objectives ...

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Palm Inc. & Research In Motion Limited

Project InstructionsThe project is to analyze and compare the financial statements of two Canadian or US public companies from the same industry. In order to avoi ... mended that the companies chosen for the project should not be banks, insurance companies or in the financial services or real estate sectors because they need specialized knowledge that is not covere ... ratios from Exhibit 14.4 of the text, assess and compare theperformance of the companies, and their financial health. Addresswhich company performed better, what is the trend for each over thepast two ...

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Conceptual Frameworks

The Accounting Standard Board (ASB) in UK aims to establish and to improve the Standard of Financial Accounting and Reporting for both the users and preparers of the financial statements. The ... rting for both the users and preparers of the financial statements. The Statement of Principles for Financial Reporting (SoP) plays a fundament role in standard setting and intended to set out an appr ...

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Massey-Ferguson Ltd

ems of Massey-Ferguson Ltd. arose from the wrong debt policy of the company. In order to understand financial problems of MF it is necessary to investigate product-market strategy of the company and i ... ssary to investigate product-market strategy of the company and its financial policy, analyzing the financial statements of MF Ltd over some period of time and comparing them with other companies in t ...

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