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BursitisDoes it hurt to move your arm? Is it tender and radiating pain to your neck and finger tips? Do you have a fever? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions then you may ...

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The Internet, Cyberspace:The world's playground

onplace' (Levy). The information revolution is here. There is a world of information at everybody's finger tips. There is a lot of good that can come from the Internet. The future is not set in stone ...

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Now is the time to become computer literate

comfortable in front of your computer. Push a button and theentire stock of a store will be at your finger tips. When you do goto a store to shop you will not use money. You will use either acredit ca ...

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The Future of Computer Crime in America...

tions are jumping to make the use of these services has put a much wider range ofinformation at the finger tips of those, often select and few individuals whom know howto access, understand and use th ...

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"In Loving Memory" I wrote this essay not long after my step dad hit a semi head on and was paralyzed. He died a few months after I wrote this.

e was going great, everything was going as planned. It seemed like the world was wrapped around our finger tips. There was no way in the world this could be happening. Thousands of questions were flas ... to visit her after work. Friends and family came from all around to visit her. Mary would move her fingers a little bit and open her eyes up and look around the room for only about 10 minutes at a ti ...

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A Face Only a Mother Could Love: A look at the stereotypes of beauty and ugliness in horror movies.

eir children. In order to do this, a weapon is necessary. Maybe a machete or a glove of razor sharp finger tips will do the trick. However, I think that their decomposition and mid-cosmetic surgery lo ...

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Last lesson of the afternoon

tube-light above me. The annoying fly settles on the end of the pencil which lazily dangles from my finger tips. Just as I begin to turn back to the stopped clock, a movement at the edge of my vision ...

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Love in rosettis goblin market

ogether/ In the cooling weather,/ With clasping arms and cautioning lips,/ With tingling cheeks and finger tips./ 'Lie close,' Laura said," Here the two sisters are hiding together, secretly gazing on ...

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Lost Freedom

. As our country is becoming more technologically advanced, information can be acquired at a finger tips touch. Not only government officials, but also computer masters, can obtain the personal ...

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Steven Milne. Wish list—back line equipment Guitar amplification: Marshall TSL100:

lve TSL range puts an unheard of degree of control, flexibility and, most importantly, TONE at your finger tips. From crystal clean to the mightiest Marshall roar, the TSL does it all! The JCM2000 Dua ...

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The Internet: O What a Change

interact with others, tend to suffer. Why meet face to face, when the whole world is right at your finger tips. The Internet has made many changes to our society that is worth exploring, but let us e ... ble online. There is no need to spend hours and hours at the library when the library is under your fingers. If you want the hard copy of a book or article, you can research which library has it on ha ...

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Team Dynamics

DA device to enter information anywhere and at anytime. It’s a computer that is always at your finger tips. The color photograph that will be the best one used is the one that is one of the main ...

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