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An Essay on wheather or not Mary Reiby should be on the $20 note.

ollar note.As said before, Mary Reibey came to Australia in 1792. This is only four years after the First Fleet's arrival in 1788. Due to the enormous task of building a colony and the time it would t ... et a better idea of what it was like for Mary, we can look at how the colony was at the time of the First Fleet. At this point the colony was set up with tents and very small huts. The men were trying ...

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"Grandad's Gifts"

a.Prior to the Second World War Jews had been settling in Australia since the first fleet arrived. Between eight and fourteen Jewish convicts are believed to have been part of th ... e believed to have been part of the first fleet that arrived in Australia on 26th January 1788. The first free Jewish settler is believed to have arrived in the year 1816. Organised Jewish life in Aus ... ed to have arrived in the year 1816. Organised Jewish life in Australia began in the 1830s with the first synagogue being established in Sydney in the year 1837. By the 1901 15239 Jews were living in ...

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Why the British settled in NSW in 1788.

repairs and the convicts could be used to repair ships. Norfolk Island was settled right after the First Fleet arrived and straight timber for masts was in good supply there. Having a naval base in A ... ould obtain spices, tea and sugar from India. NSW was also handy for trade with china and after the First Fleet dropped off the convicts they sailed up to China to pick up lots of tea to take back to ...

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The first Australian bushranger: John Black casare.

The first bushrangerJohn Black CasareA hungry manBorn in the West Indies, John Caesar fled to England to ... and to escape plantation slavery. Ironically, he soon found himself transported to Australia on the first fleet.A huge man, the small rations of the colony compelled him to steal in order to sustain h ... eal from others, and all his thefts were directed to that purpose." (Collins)Caesar escapes for the first timeOn 29 April 1789, Caesar were tried for theft . A fortnight later Caesar, described as "an ...

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The Growth of the Modern Church in Australia

Origins of the Catholic Church in AustraliaThe First Catholics to come to Australia were the Catholics on the first fleet. These people were mostly ... d catholic, bring them up to learn about Jesus' teachings.Catholic education's in schoolsOne of the first catholic schools was established by John Therry in Parramatta in 1920, later on in 1966, Mary ...

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Why did the British settle in Australia?

Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162,000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. The first eleven of these ships are today known as the First Fleet and it carried convicts, marines, cre ...

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Social Injustice in Australia

tice that has occurred in Australia is racism and this injustice has been continuing ever since the first fleet entered Australia. The consequences of this form of injustice are serious but many campa ... ed it in an amended form (the Racial Hatred Bill 1994). The Government committed $5 million for the first of what was described as a two-year campaign, stating that the other $5 million would be for c ...

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History of Homebush/Newington, the site of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

ded "The Flats", the extensive tidal wetlands at Homebush Bay, within 10 days of the arrival of the first fleet in Australia.Within 10 days of the first fleet arriving in Australia a scouting party ha ... found it out and recorded it as "The Flats", with extensive tidal wetlands. Thomas Laycock was the first recipient of a land grant in the Bay area. He acquired 40 hectares in 1794 and a further 40 he ...

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The role and impact former convicts had on Australian society

ars; and how the majority of Australians feel about convicts today.In 1788, the eleven ships of the first fleet landed in Botany Bay in New South Wales with 780 British convicts. Two more convict flee ... annot, therefore, be discounted: they and their children numerically dominated the country from the first settlement in 1788 to the 1820's, and they founded the great labour force which lead the found ...

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Australian convicts

atives also known as aboriginals and so Cook had been instructed to make an alliance with them. The first fleet was made up of 10 ten ships and a HMS supply following the Captain Arthur Phillip who fi ...

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"Lord of the Flies" has no Relevance to Today's Modern Audience

rn societies try to impose their values on others? Even in Australia, ever since the arrival of the first fleet and just recently, in the news there have been reports on how the Australian government ...

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Religion In Australia

ny religions. Christianity, the largest religious tradition in Australia, settled in 1788, when the First Fleet arrived on the continent?s shore. Islam was established in the nineteenth century, when ...

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Aboriginal Activism

ulation has dropped to around 386,000 representing 2.1% of the total population.Upon arrival of the First Fleet, the aboriginal people were dispossessed of their land, decimated by violent conflict, i ... Association, to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the 1788 invasion of the British. It was the first major political rally by aboriginal people as a protest over discrimination against aboriginal ...

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Early Aboriginal Lifestyles and Clans

A simple and peaceful life is what the Aborigines had around 54 000 years ago when the first fleet of Indigenous people arrived to Australia. However, something so different, so unique ca ... the white people. Before the European invasion, what was called the early life to Aborigines, these first settlers of this continent developed excellent complex skills and ways of living. Also adaptin ..., 17/03/08"…The day when the British flag was first raised at Sydney Cove, 26 January 1788, is celebrated now as Australia's national day. From th ...

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What does it mean to be an Australian?

s who have dwelled here for thousands of years, the Anglo-Australians whose forefathers came on the first fleet a few centuries ago, and migrants from other countries who have just arrived recently. B ...

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In what ways does one's race/ethnicity shape one's life-chances in contemporary society?

Ginsberg identifies that discrimination in the housing sector occurs at three different levels. The first is individual or subjective racism where individual landlords, estate agents or council office ... health in Australia for example is consisted shocking and at the level of a Third World nation in a First World country (Siewert: 2006). Government policies have always been discriminatory whether rig ...

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the meaning of australia day

t is Australia Day?Australia Day is on January 26 annually and commemrates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson,which is now part of Sydney,in 1788.It is an opportunnity ... and the national colours of green and gold.The Background Of Australia Day.On Januuary 26,1788,the First Fleet of 11 ships from Great Britain arrived at Port Jackson,which now forms Sydney Harbour.Th ...

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