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How did imperialism affect China?

a was forced to reevaluate her position as the center of the world. The treaty of Nanking ended the first Opium war. As a result to China's distant methods of trade, there were two rebellion periods, ...

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Meiji Restoration: why did Japan decide to 'modernise' their country, and how effective was this program in the fifty year period from 1854 to 1904?

shogunate rule, the fact she was nervous of foreign threats after China's defeat by Britain in the First Opium War which made Japan aware of Western strength, Japan's isolation from the Western world ... ut pressure on the shogunate rule to make changes and to modernise.China's defeat by Britain in the First Opium War (1839-1843) had upset the Japanese ruling classes; Ito Hirobumi and other Japanese h ...

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"Opium was a minor cause of the first Opium War"

"Opium was a minor cause of the first Opium War"The statement that Opium was a minor cause of the first Opium War is one with a grea ... before mass imports of opium and remained a constant cause of anger until latter treaties after the first opium war.A further cause for conflict was in grained in the Chinese culture. The Chinese saw ... ere were also some direct effects from opium that contributed to the war that cannot be discounted. First of all was the idea of opium damaging the body which was in strict violation of the Chinese mo ...

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midterm review

t on their knees and bow when they see the emperor, to show their respect.Treaty of Nanking was the first unequal treaty. Signed in 1842 to mark the end of the Opium War between England, Ireland and C ... oreign trade, Reparations and Demobilization (silver and opium), Cession of HongkongUnequal treaty: First "Treaty of Nanking". It is unequal because China did all the giving but didn't receive any ret ...

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