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Nuclear Weapons.

.Nuclear weapons derive their power from the energyreleased when a heavy nucleus is divided, called fission or whenlight nuclei are forced together, called fusion. In fission, anucleus from a heavy el ... eaviernuclei, releasing energy and a neutron. In order to squeeze thetwo nuclei together, an atomic fission bomb is usually used. Afusion reaction releases about four times more energy per unitmass th ...

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Fission or Fusion

Fission or FusionI think that right now, fission is the only way that we can get more energy out of ... only way that we can get more energy out of a nuclear reaction than we put in.First, the energy per fission is very large. In practical units, the fission of 1 kg (2.2 lb) of uranium-235 releases 18.7 ... e fission of 1 kg (2.2 lb) of uranium-235 releases 18.7 million kilowatt-hours as heat. Second, the fission process initiated by the absorption of one neutron in uranium-235 releases about 2.5 neutron ...

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Nuclear Power

hållsförteckningInnehållsförteckning 1Inledning 2Vad är kärnkraft? 3Fission 3Fusion 4Lite historik om kärnkraften 5Kärnkraftverk 6Hur ett kärnkraftverk f ... är en omvandling av materia till energi och kan genomföras genom två olika metoder, fission och fusion. Fusion är en sammanslagning av lätta atomkärnor till tunga atomk& ...

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Radioactivity and waste disposal

alled radioactive. By far the greatest number of uses for radioactivity in Canada relate not to the fission, but to the decay of radioactive materials - radioisotopes. These are unstable atoms that em ... tries on the establishment of the ultimate disposal methods. These are defined to those who fix the fission product activity in a non-leakable solid state, so that the general dispersion can never occ ...

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lone. A clone is an organism derived asexually from a single individual by cuttings, bulbs, tubers, fission, or parthenogenesis reproduction ("Cloning", 1997). Pathogenesis reproduction is the develop ... g occurs with all plants, some insects, algae, unicellular organisms that conduct mitosis or binary fission, and occasionally by all multi-cellular organisms, including humans. Monozygotic twins, or i ...

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Nuclear Fusion.

"Fission or Fusion"Thousands of hydrogen atoms start to collide together. One after another, they cra ... rce, which created the world, has once been too far to grasp for mankind. But with the discovery of fission energy, which powers most of the world today, a glimpse of hope made it possible to achieve ... ces energy comparable to the Earth's sun.To understand fusion, one must have an understanding about fission. This is the splitting of the nuclei of an atom into two or more smaller nuclei by bombardin ...

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Local scientists and their history.

rought news of Meitner's discovery to the United States in 1939. Several scientists, realizing that fission could be used to build a devastating weapon, wrote to President Roosevelt to inform him. He ... 1939 and Meitner and Frisch published the explanation a month later, introducing the term "nuclear fission." Using Bohr's liquid drop model of the nucleus, they suggested that when split, both halves ...

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Atomic Bomb.

d in the early twentieth century. Physicists in theUnited States and Europe had discovered that the fission of uranium could be used tocreate a deadly explosive weapon. The amount of energy that was r ...

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Biology notes on the "Phyla of Protists." This Phyla includes algea, protists, sponges, etc.

podium, meaning "foot." Meiosis and sexual reproduction do not occur in amoebas. They reproduce by fission, simply dividing into two new cells.Forams, members of the phylum Foraminifera, are marine p ...

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Practical Report on human sexual reproduction.

e derived from one parent and no special reproductive structures are involved. The simplest form is fission, occurring mostly in unicellular organisms. Simple multicellular organisms, such as sponges ...

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Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb, powerful explosive nuclear weapon fueled by the splitting, or fission, of the nuclei of specific isotopes of uranium or plutonium in a chain reaction. The strengt ... his occurs, there are enough neutrons bouncing around in the material to create a chain reaction of fissions. In the fission reactions, collisions between neutrons and uranium or plutonium atoms cause ... s. Once the reactions begin, the neutrons released by each reaction hit other atoms and create more fission reactions until all the fissile material is exhausted or scattered.This process of fission r ...

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Atomic Bomb: Fission vs. Fusion

Atomic Bomb: Fission vs. FusionJust before the beginning of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to Presi ... Uranium ore mined, only about 1/500 th of it ended up as Uranium metal. Of the Uranium metal, "the fissionable isotope of Uranium (Uranium- 235) is relatively rare, occurring in Uranium at a ratio of ... had been earlier ruled out as an option was being looked at. It could capture a free neutronwithout fissioning and become Uranium-239. "But the Uranium-239 thus produced is unstable (radioactive) and ...

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Nuclear Power

werNuclear energy is the most powerful kind of energy in the world. Nuclear power can come from the fission, the act or process of splitting into parts, of uranium, plutonium or thorium or the fusion ...

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Theories on the Origin of the Moon

he modern age of space exploration, scientists had three major theories for the origin of the moon: fission from the earth; formation in earth orbit; and formation far from earth. Then, in 1975, havin ... most probable of the theories of formation, planetesimal impact or giant impact theory.Formation by Fission from the EarthThe modern version of this theory proposes that the moon was spun off from the ...

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This is a description of the diease Amebiasis

off what the host eats. The trophozoites then move on to the large intestine where they use binary fission to produce cysts. The cysts are then released out in stools and then go on to contaminate mo ...

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Theories of The Origin of the Moon

he modern age of space exploration, scientists had three major theories for the origin of the moon: fission from the earth; formation inearth orbit; and formation far from earth. Then, in 1975, having ... most probable of the theories of formation, planetesimalimpact or giant impact theory.Formation by Fission from the Earth The modern version of this theory proposes that the moon was spun off from th ...

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Pros/Cons, advantages/disadvantages of nuclear energy/fossil fuels.

that fossil fuels cause. Natural uranium is only 0.7%"uranium-235, which the uranium that undergoes fission in this type of reactor. The rest of the uranium is uranium-238, which does not react almost ...

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Nuclear Energy.

* Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch interpreted this:Neutrons caused splitting of U into smaller nuclei* Fission had occurred.* Potent source of energy!* Energy fromE=mc2* In more complete form, Einstein s ... ther forms of energy.* Eg. Convert 1 kg of mass into heatE=(1)(3.0x 108)2 = 9.0x1016 J.* Consider a fission reaction:10n + 23592U = 14038Xc + 9438Sr + 210n* The mass of products is less than the mass ...

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Cellular Reproduction.

ive material (sperm or egg). Most single celled organisms reproduce by the asexual process known as fission, which is commonly called mitosis. Fission is the splitting of a nucleus into two roughly eq ...

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Nuclear Energy Is an Answer to Global Warming

'Is nuclear energy the answer to global warming?'Nuclear power plants use the heat given off during fission as fuel. Fission takes place inside the reactor of a nuclear power plant, where it generates ...

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