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Confederate Flag in South Carolina.

tory, in the several Southern states flew the Confederate battle flag along with the U.S. and state flags over their state houses. While other states have removed these flags only recently, South Caro ... erners gave and depicts their bravery. After the Civil War most of the states in the South used the flags along with the U.S. flag or incorporated it into their state flag till the 1980s and most part ...

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Persuasive Essay: The Confederate Flag As A Symbol Of Hate

vists and to encourage segregation between races. The flag was also included in some Southern state flags. ("Confederate Flag Controversy." Brummer, Borgna. am not a Southerner, but I ...

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Is the Rebel flag heritage or hate?

lefield in which the south did win, then I think it would be heritage. Or if the flag would be part of a states flag, that took part in that era, Basically if the flag is being used for a educational ... ubject is somewhat turmoil thus being, we do live in America and it does say that we have the right of speech. So basically how you feel is how you feel and how you choose to display it is your choice ...

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The Rebel Flag

o be a Red Neck. The war between the Northern and the Southern states was many years ago, but a lot of Southerners still feel the same way today, about people from the Northern states.Most people from ... icago, an all black neighborhood, I took our dogs across the street to the park and as I walked out of the house and man asked me, "Are you staying their?"My answer, that was rude but appropriate was, ...

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The Public Display of the Confederate Flag

practice stopped. However, others feel that the states are losing a part of their history when the flags are forcibly removed. While political correctness is important in this country, there are good ... d being applied, sometimes in ignorance, sometimes blatantly towards this issue. The history of the flags design will be discussed, what the flag stands for, and how the flag should be viewed in today ...

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