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Practical Report on human sexual reproduction.

ual breaks into two or more parts, each capable of growth to form a new individual; this is seen in flatworms and algae.Most animals however reproduce by a process involving specialized reproductive c ...

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This is an experiment on how planaria regenerate body parts and an explaination as to how the experiment was performed.

his experiment was undertaken to evaluate the varying degrees and limitations of regeneration using flatworms. Regeneration occurs in many levels throughout the animal kingdom. The flatworms demonstra ... ry had been performed. Total regeneration and reproduction had occurred resulting in three separate flatworms from one that had been cut through three quarters of the length of the body.IntroductionPl ...

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Nematoda Report.

inthes, which have only an incomplete digestive tract. [In other words, Roundworms are cooler than Flatworms].*Longitudinal muscles; they move side-to-side in a thrash-like motion.*Reproduce ...

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Flatworms, also known as Platyhelminthes, belong in the Kingdom Animalia. They are unsegmented flat ... inthes, belong in the Kingdom Animalia. They are unsegmented flat worms with a head and a tail end. Flatworms are considered the most primitive bilaterally symmetrical animals, meaning that their body ... ermits cephalization, the concentration of sensory structures and nervous function in the head end. Flatworms have one single opening, the mouth, so both food and wastes must enter and leave in the sa ...

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Free Living Flatworm Regeneration and the Practical Applications of Studying Their Regenerative Capabilities

lace an injured portion of an organism's body is known as regeneration. Regeneration of free living flatworms is most common pronounce among "more basal taxa (Aceola, Catenulida, and Macrostomorpha) a ... damaged or missing tissues. The term planarian is used to designate a specific group of free living flatworms know as triclads. The triclads have been the focus of the majority of regenerative studies ...

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