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Michelangelo Defend my dead painting now, Giovanni, and my honor not being in a good place nor I a painter.

ngelo himself; the twelve large-scale apostles to be executed in as many years for the Cathedral of Florence; the huge fresco painting of the Battle of Cascina barely started; the first designs for th ...

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Letter to christopher columbus

Dear Christopher Columbus, On my travels through Europe, I landed the magnificent city of Florence. I've never been somewhere so amazing! My favorite place was the Fortezza di Belvedere. As ... f a star with buildings inside the star-like fortified walls. From the towers you could see most of Florence and the Arno River. It is such a beautiful view from the fort. When I was told that invader ...

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Humanities, The Art of Architecture prepared on structures such as: "The Collsseum" and "The Westminster Abbey". Arts and Culture by: Rebold Janetts Benton and Robert Di Yanni

er Abbey in London with its fan vaulting The Westminster Abbey(the lacy effect of the corners), the Florence Cathedral like the Notre-Dame and the Saint-Chapelle in Paris, and the Westminster Abbey in ...

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Brunelleschi's dome

I'm writing about Brunelleschi's dome atop the Cathedral of Florence, I chose this work because it not only illustrates what one man can accomplish when he has ... also because its such a beautiful piece of architecture and the first thing you see when you enter Florence. Another beautiful thing about it is that Brunelleschi wasn't an architect, or a carpenter, ... self supporting dome of that size.The dome his breathtakingly large and sits atop the Cathedral of Florence, with clay colored shingles on the roof and a steeple at the top. It looks to be the size o ...

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July, 15, 1536 I just got back from Florence! It was the most outstanding and breathtaking place I have seen in my life! Florence is loc ... standing and breathtaking place I have seen in my life! Florence is located in north central Italy. Florence is famous for being the birthplace of the Renaissance. It is home of some amazing accomplis ...

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lpture/equestrian_statue_of_gattamelata]Donatello, or Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi, was born in Florence in 1403. He was the son of Niccolo di Betto Bardi who was a member of the Florentine Wool C ... se it was seen as a symbol for the power of the underdog, which was widely perceived as symbolizing Florence in their defeat of the Duke of Milan. Florence did not have as potent a military force as M ...

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