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A Level Playing Field for All? The Law's Response to On and Off-the-ball Incidents at Football Matches

AbstractThis is a study of the criminal liability of footballers whilst engaged in the playing of greatest sport known to man, in the countries of Scotla ... ability actually is, and argues that it should be optimised more by the prosecution authorities, as footballers are getting 'too big for their boots.' The choice is simple: either the Football Associa ... Football Association manages to curb the recent explosion of crimes being committed whilst playing football through its own disciplinary system, or the Courts will have to take over their job for the ...

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Football Hooliganism in Great Britain: A Historical Overview.

Football Hooliganism in Great BritainA Historical OverviewAims and objectivesAlthough this report co ... istorical OverviewAims and objectivesAlthough this report concentrates on the historical aspects of football hooliganism, it will over lap and refer to occasions to other aspects such as social issues ... ish why these events have taken place. The author will identify the issues that are associated with football hooliganism such as the 'working class' involvement in early football, youth movements, and ...

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Contemporary Issues in Sport - Football Hooligans UK

Contemporary Issues in SportThe main issue that I have chosen is hooliganism in football. The article to be analysed is that of Eric Dunning: Soccer Hooliganism as a world social p ... anism comes from a figurational perspective (this will be discussed later).Official explanations of football hooliganismThere has been some popular explanation of football hooliganism made by the medi ... ning, Giulianotti, and Kerr. One popular belief is that excessive alcohol consumption is a cause of football hooliganism. Dunning in his article rejects this explanation simply as he states: "Drinking ...

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The Seriously Angry Fan

nto a full scale war between fans, police officials and players. One particular incident (involving football) was when the South African club the Orlando Pirates played the Kaizer Chiefs in Johannesbu ... akes people uneasy about the degree of, what experts call "fandemonium," that has plagued the world football industry for the past three decades. Unfortunately people cannot come to concrete conclusio ...

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soccer and nationalism

scussionAn interactionist approach, in this context, would emphasize the role of relationships that football hooligans form to identify and assert themselves in the arena, with its cross cultural audi ... mselves in the arena, with its cross cultural audience. For young males in the lower-working class, football hooliganism provides individuals a fraternity or brotherhood in search of excitement, and a ...

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