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Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) Foraging Response to Predator Scent in Rural versus Urban Settings

A. Significance and importance of projectResearch will be conducted on the foraging behavioral habits of the gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in the presence of predatory ... of predatory scent. The differential influences of urban versus rural settings in their relation to foraging practices will be studied. Predator scent has been shown to influence foraging behavior in ... s been shown to influence foraging behavior in the past (Lima and Valone, 1986). Predation risk and foraging efficiency were demonstrated in this study to be interrelated concepts in behavioral patter ...

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Organisms as Economic Agents

oduction rates, allow for the most-fit organism to experience the benefits of optimization. Optimal foraging, another method to maximize their survival, is shown by the example above in which organism ... e example above in which organisms will clearly do what is most efficient energy and time wise when foraging. In addition, organisms also engage in an act known as mimicry (imitation of another organi ...

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components of human society

for similarities between unrelated cultures is their possession of a similar adaptive strategy.II. ForagingA. Human groups with foraging economies are not ecologically dominant.B. The primary reason ... raging economies are not ecologically dominant.B. The primary reason for the continuing survival of foraging economies is the inapplicability of their environmental settings to food production.C. Corr ...

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