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The Fordist period.

Fordism is defined as an organisation of industry and work which was seen as asystem of mass product ... is transformation has come about througha variety of reasons, which now will be discussed in detail.Fordism rests upon a set of techniques based on Henry Ford who founded the FordMotor Company in 1903 ... roduction was regulated. Bytaking the skills and knowledge from his workers, Ford also took power! (Fordismexplained from:, Accessed 30 October 2002)The advantages of this sy ...

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In what sense might Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" and Josef von Sternberg's "Der Blaue Engel" be considered 'modernist'.

on brought with it a change in ideology. Encouraged by the aid of the US and the American ideals of Fordism and Taylorism, German ideology began to move towards capitalist consumerism. An optimistic p ...

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Principles of Management.

ask repeatedly. This type of mass production, characterized by high job specialization, is known as Fordism. This term is derived from the assembly line process developed for building automobiles by t ... ry's flexibility in adapting to changing markets.In the late 20th century, many industries replaced Fordism with new management practices that allow workers to have more of a say in decisions, as well ...

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How has the transition to modern society changed women's lives?

n among 50 British ambassadors or heads of overseas missions.Linda McDowell uses the theory of post-Fordism to understand changes in the labour market. This theory argues that businesses have moved aw ... n heavily criticized on a number of grounds, and the work of Lovering and others suggests that post Fordism cannot be seen as a general trend that has affected all employers.A different explanation fo ...

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Critically evaluate whether we live in a Fordist, Neo-Fordist or Post-Fordist society.

rial Divide' of the western world. Even today, how deeply this industrial revolution, the so-called Fordism, had actually affected our society is still a controversial topic. In what following, an ana ... had actually affected our society is still a controversial topic. In what following, an analysis of Fordism and Post-Fordism will be conducted concerning both current and historical examples as well a ...

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North America, 1920's Economical Boom.

ant reason for the economic boom was the Technological progress that the US had, that also includes Fordism. I will start speaking of Henry Ford and how he revolutionized the automobile industry. Then ...

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Taylorism and McDonaldization

fluence workers' productivity. His ideas were further developed in post- Tayloristic movements like Fordism. Today, Taylorism is mostly applied in the rapidly growing service sector, especially in fas ... ty, as this would favour society and the organisation as a whole.Scientific management evolved into Fordism, which was established by the American entrepreneur Henry Ford. It basically involved mass p ...

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Fordism and post fordism

ically increased the amount output, the economy and labour system are no longer the same as before. Fordism, which is associated with mass production and mass consumption (Cooke, 1989), has influenced ... , as some sociologists have argued, with the increase of product and consumer differentiation, post-Fordism, with a smaller scale of production as well as consumption is taking place. Yet some other s ...

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The Fordist approach is equated with mass production

IntroductionAntonio Gramsci called Fordism "an ultra-modern form of production and of working methods such as is offered by the most ad ... rice cuts in Ford cars: from $780 in 1910 to $360 in 1914 (D. Hounshell, 1984; W. Abernathy, 1978). Fordism thus involved standardization a product and manufacturing it by mass means at a price so low ... uct and manufacturing it by mass means at a price so low that the common man could afford to buy it.Fordism displaced predominantly craft-based production in which skilled labourers exercised substant ...

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The Casualisation of Labour

firm' was seen as associated with radical changes in the organisation of production, including post-Fordism, flattened managerial hierarchies, team working and technological innovations.The concept of ... environment. The labour market in the UK is changing and work trend have therefore move from a post Fordism to a more flexible environment. The question is 'who benefits more - the firm or the employe ...

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Internationalisation of Toyota.

mplication to the globalization of the industry. That is, Japanese manufacturers led departure from Fordism mass production system to post-Fordism in order to respond to more variable and flexible dem ... ble and flexible demands, which introduced organisational innovations. One way to express such post-Fordism is the lean production system, which began to replace the Fordism mass-production system eve ...

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Geographical Dispersion: Outline this concept in relation to cultural production and discuss its connections with the concept of post-fordism.

dispersed' (p. 242). Outline this explanation and discuss its connections with the concept of post-fordism.Cultural production has been enabled to change its geographies of location over recent years ... f numerous factors, especially the different needs of industries.A clear example of the change from fordism to post fordist production methods are seen in the changing nature of the comic book industr ...

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The condition of postmodernity

lf of this century. Specifically, Harvey directly relates postmodern developments to the shift from Fordism to a "more flexible mode of accumulation" (he deliberately avoids the term "post-Fordism" to ... suggesting there are not some fundamental continuities in the two modes of capitalist organization).Fordism emerged with the attempts by Henry Ford to provide workers with sufficient income and leisur ...

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U.S. History Study Notes - The 1920's in America

nal Origin Quota Act (Johnson-Reed Act), very small quotas, eugenics are still believed in1.What is Fordism or mass production? How was labor transformed by the twenties?-included expensive machinery ... uction, the managers at many factories had to control their workers and speed up the labor process (Fordism was not enough)-workers were laboring under tighter supervision than they had been before an ...

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The Changing Attitudes of the 1920's in America

ntieth century is that modern attitudes about labor and consumption began to develop. The system of Fordism, or mass production, involved the usage of interchangeable parts and electric power so that ... eloped during this time. this is because only big businesses could afford the expensive practice of Fordism which included expensive machinery and huge factories. Many mergers occurred, leading to maj ...

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High Involvement Management

e been viewed as a vital part of a new social and economic order, subsumed under terms such as post-Fordism and flexible specialization. The contrast is made between a past economy, where expanding ma ... the workplace. Harvard Business Review vol. 63 no. (2)(1985). pp. 77-84.Wood, S. J. (1988). Between Fordism and flexibility? The US car industry. In R. Hyman, ed. and W. Streeck (Eds.), New technology ...

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