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Forensic Pathology

Forensic pathology has given us the ability to discover almost anything about someone using the smal ... also be used to prevent deaths and detect harmful drugs in someone. Beacause of the advancements in forensic pathology it has become one of the most helpful contributions to humankind.Fingerprinting i ... ar form of identity, but dental X-rays and CAT scans can help a tremendous amount. Charles Wetli, a forensic pathologist was able to identify every victim in an airplane explosion using these techniqu ...

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Advantages of Specialization

cting stakeouts, training animals, SWAT, hostage negotiators, hazardous materials team" or computer forensics (p. 45, 65, 89, 102, 163).Advantages:•Delegated Responsibility to a person or group o ... new techniques or skills or learn new technology or processes like homicide investigators learning forensic pathology.•Group spirit, esprit de corp, is a special bond, camaraderie, or team sprit ...

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The Real Vampire

th can take people quickly so vampires gave them a rational explanation to cope with sudden deaths. Forensic pathology was not officially recognized until 1959 so there wasn't a method to account for ...

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Forensic Pathologist Research

Maria PalaciosProfessor SanchezEnglish 1A01 August 2013Forensic PathologistWhen you think of death, there's always a mystery that surrounds it. Forensic pa ... condition, when it can't be diagnosed by a Doctor. Not everyone has the guts to do it. According to Forensic Magazine, "Forensic Pathologist translate tragedies into answers". If you love unraveling m ... re curious about the pathology of the human body, this career may be perfect for you. According to, Forensic Magazine the "progress of technology has helped forensic pathology become more accurate tha ...

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