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Subjective Photography

even record events that happen light-years away. However, it can also proove to be a most striking form of art, and this is what we have studied extensively in this class. However when we consider ph ... versa.The first thing that I considered when I began working on my final pictures was how man made forms truly imitate, and sometimes create the illusion of, reality. In my still life photos I attemp ...

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Effect of the Market on Construction of Music

the 'teenybopper' age class (and also the gay market?).Personal Opinions To argue that this form of art is 'bad' art, one must have a reference point - a set of values by which to judge. This ... er to the individual perceiver, be it painting, book, film, dance or music. These are all different forms of art, but one thing binds them all together - the fact that they are creations, created and ...

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The History of Tattoos Before 1500

Tattoos are a popular, common, and moderately well accepted form of art and self-expression in modern society. Tattooing has been practiced among people for an ... os were a "mark of membership" at the same time in history when tattoos were mostly being used as a form of punishment. There were occasions when tattoos were applied as punishment for being Christian ... t, or ignominy and disgrace, of degradation and subjection to earthly power, was intentionally transformed into a sign of glory and honor, of integrity, of holiness, of the victory of God's power....A ...

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What is art?

ork of art is the only man made architecture that can be seen from outer space.There are many other forms of art as well. Music is a form of art that has changed the life of many people. It is a daily ... no high school marching band, and no background beat to our National Anthem.Architecture is another form of art. Buildings are constructed to sustain weather, weight, and natural disasters. A good exa ...

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Is art purely based on taste and culture?

Art is a form of expression from the artist, but what determines how he expresses, and what he expresses as a ... ture plays an important role as well, as people having same cultural background will be inspired by form of art in that particular culture, they will then have some similarities in their taste, either ... ture. Although taste and culture are the ultimate tools we use to see and create art, they are transformed by the development of humanity in history beyond.Since art is an interaction between the arti ...

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Science and Art as One

Can science be considered a form of art, and can art be considered a science? Many people look at art and do not look at it deep ... tivity using expressive arrangements in a medium ("Art" 48). Therefore, art can be described in the form of body movements, like dancing, or works such as painting, sculpting, and poetry. As you can s ... regarded as requiring study and knowledge ("Science" 744).One proof of how art can be considered a form of science can be found when a scientist is using pictures to study something like the anatomy ...

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Allegories of Blood: Comparing Picasso's Guernica to Gericault's Raft of the Medusa

e 19th century saw the emergence of a new more emotional, deeply inflective, and oftentimes mystery form of art - that of Romanticism. Born in 1791 to middle-class French landowners in the little town ... but was indifferent to all subjects except drawing and classics. Although his father disagreed with formal artistic training, with his mother and uncle's help Gericault secretly began studying under m ...

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T. S. Eliot: Tradition and the individual talent

Thomas Steams Eliot: 20th cent. Angle-American poet and critic. He belongs to the New Critical Formalist literary theory, and is " classicist in nature, royalist in politics, and Anglo-Catholic i ... o-Catholic in religion." (1089)"Objective Correlative": " The only way of expressing emotion in the form of art is by finding an 'objective correlative'; in other words, a set of objects, a situation, ...

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An Argument Against Auteur Theory.

e more than willing to bestow upon them the title of Auteur. By regarding filmmaking as yet another form of art, Auteur theory stipulates that a film is the direct result of its director's genius. Wit ... f the director became increasingly integral to a film's success. However most would argue that this form of criticism didn't reach its apex until 1960s, when Andrew Sarris released his seminal works " ...

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A Comparison of Femininity in "Mildred Pierce" and "Gentleman Prefer Blondes"

nd. Many a rainy afternoons' entertainment was based on this simple, prolific and highly successful formula. As is often the case with any form of art, there are of course exceptions to these rules, a ... ane Russell's role in Howard Hawk's "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and Joan Crawford's tour de force performance in "Mildred Pierce". Both of the women featured in these films showcase an strong sexual ap ...

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The Lord of the Rings vs Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

guidelines for the work of art in which characterization, plot, and conclusion makes obvious. Every form of art in general holds a theme in which heads the direction for the piece. Peter Jackson, dire ... person as well. In The Lord of the Rings, Smeagol is a character whom which's duality shows though form the very beginning of the third movie Return of the King. Smeagol's friend finds the ring and S ...

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2004 USC Honors College Essay Choice 1: Values gained by continuing to differentiate "low" art from "high" art

people argue that 20th century technology such as television "dumbs down" society and encourages uniformity, but this may be a misrepresentation. Leveling implies the population becomes the same or cl ... ts such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles, now lauded by many, was at one time considered the lowest form of art by all but a few.Those who believe in low and high art tend to place too much emphasis o ...

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An essay about the career of being a creative writer

hedules may be flexible, typical activities include organizing ideas and facts, revisingtext, get information needed, make decisions, and solve problems. I think that I am definitelygoing to be a writ ... a career out of it. It is a very rewardingcareer, and I believe creative writing is just as much a form of art as paintings or drawings (notthis kind of writing). Decent income, low social contact, e ...

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Different types of art and websites

Wide Art. Available: is a very beautiful, gracious, and elegant form of art. No one has to dance and some people cannot dance making it an art. Dance is not a "util ... . Available: www.folkart.orgTheater is an extravagant piece of art. People put together acts and perform them with emotion and poise. Theater artists are some of the best artists because they only hav ...

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Conceptual Art Discuss the relation of Minimalism and Immateriality to Conceptual art.

Art the idea of concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a ... f secondary (often negligible) importance. It challenged traditional notions of an artwork's proper form through new uses of language, actions, and processes to open up artistic fields in unprecedente ...

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Compare and Contrast Human nature in Prelude and Don Juan. Woodsworth and Byron

ridled passion in Romantic poets led to literature that depicted emotional matter in an imaginative form, with passion for nature, life and decadence of society; the greatest of which are love, beauty ... of which are love, beauty, truth and God. Poetry was considered by the Romantics to be the greatest form of art due to its ability to tell a story and still include a visual description of the imagine ...

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Aboriginal Representation in Film.

pression derived from following the direction of a second element. The conflict of these directions forms the dynamic effect in apprehending the whole."(Sergei Eisenstein: 1929)Eisenstein writes about ... product of a painting comes from. Like paintings, films are a product of art. Possibly the highest form of art, as they include a combination of visual, sound and aesthetic materials. As an artist, T ...

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Response to Chinese Calligraphy.

tually a non-phonetic alphabet made of twenty-six letters and sounds that are used as a traditional form of art and a way of knowing for these people. However, these letters actually are meanings of a ... knowing how to write (draw) different characters, an adjective and/or a verb, sometimes together to form a new word. In contrary to the English language and many others, Chinese Calligraphy is written ...

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Jackson Pollock - "Jack the Dripper"

Jackson Pollack is a man who contributed to the world of art by creating an entirely new form of art, abstract expressionism. Abstract expressionism is creating art in a completely abstract ...

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Modernism and Postmodernism in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita"

inside him between the "monster" and the "gentleman".The "nymphet" seen as a modernist feature is a form of art, as well as his love for her, which is not physical love but mainly a love for beauty an ...

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