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Teaching listening

ce as much as speaking and four to five times as much as reading and writing . In a recent study of Fortune 500 Corporations, Wolvin and Coakley (1991) found that listening was perceived to be crucial ... ie Press.Wolvin, A., & Coakley, C. (1991). A survey of the status of listening training in some Fortune 500 Corporations. Communication Education, 40, 152-164.ERIC/NCLE and PAIE Digests are availa ...

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Kmart Corporation.

is a discount retailer and general merchandise retailer based in Troy, Michigan. Ranked #36 in the Fortune 500, Kmart is the second largest of such retailer in the United States in terms of sales vol ...

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Maketing strategy "PEPSI IN CHINA"

Pepsi in ChinaPepsi, with a global business turnover of $29.292 billion, ranked 92 among the Fortune 500 and first among all beverage makers in 1997. The major product of the company--Pepsi Col ... built a concentrate juice factory in Guanzhou. In addition to all these, Pepsi has also invested a fortune since 1998 in its "new-generation spirit" ad campaign increasing its market share in China - ...

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Home depot

ponent of the Standard and Poor's 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It's number 13 in fortune 500.Leadership.The company's priority is dedication to serving customers while providing the ...

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The ENRON Scandal

e of the biggest energy company in the United-States. By 2001, the energy giant was number 7 in the Fortune 500. In less than 15 years, it became a multi-billion dollar corporation and expanded intern ...

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The Success of Nike.

Nike. Inc was ranked 204 in the 2002 Fortune 500 with over 9 billion in annual revenues. The founders went from selling shoes from the ba ...

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The Coca-Cola Company - Overview

uld be a poor choice since their marketing tactics would be hard to research. I then got the recent Fortune magazine to research the Fortune 500. Walmart, ranked number one; may have been a good choic ... sband claims we should own stock with how much I shop there. However, I decided on number 92 on the Fortune 500, the Coca-Cola Company. "The Coca-Cola Company markets four of the world's top-five soft ...

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Overview of the organization of Wal-Mart and goals. Are theses effective goals? How should they plan to achieve those goals?

n in the world. Currently Wal-Mart operates over 4,150 retail facilities globally. According to the Fortune 500 index of the wealthiest and most powerful corporations in the world, Wal-Mart holds the ... ranked by its total sales. The company is ranked as the second most admired company in the world by Fortune ( With all these numbers, you would think they had a long drawn out plan wi ...

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Why is it so hard for organizations to manage change?

to be managed, as the empirical evidence points to approximately 66% of major changes as failures. Fortune 500 executives claim that this is not because of a lack of resources but resistance to the c ...

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Dell Computer Corporation

ther parts of the globe, Dell revenue for the year has totaled 31.2 billion. Rated number 48 on the Fortune 500, number 122 on the Fortune Global 500, and Number 7 on the Fortune Global, Dell has been ...

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er, CEO de Kodak para lanzar una nueva marca economica para combatir esos rivales. Categorizada por Fortune 500 con $20 millones en ganancias en 1994, Kodak es una empresa estadounidense dedicada a pr ...

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The Sucess Of Results Real Estate, Inc.

become the pot of gold that it is today. While you won't find Results Real Estate anywhere near the Fortune 500 group, or in any business magazines, this company is a prime example of how a small busi ...

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the nascent microcomputer industry's viability that help the Microsoft got its first contracts with Fortune 500 firms like General Electric, Citicorp, and National Cash Register that signed a contract ... ustry Norm and Key Business Ratios (1998-1999). 4. 5. 6. 7. Hoovers, Inc. Hoover's Handbook of American Business 1998, vol. 2 8. www.datamation.c ...

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Intel--Reinventing the company

ompanies like Intel, they are secure in their job because the primary fact that the company a) is a Fortune 500 listee and b) is a top contender in their industry. They stick with the mindset that the ...

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The Impact of China's Economic Reform on the Operations of International Firms

ve a strong temptation for multinational companies. At present, there are over 400 firms out of the Fortune 500 investing in more than 2,200 projects in China (Runckel 2005). China's booming economy h ... new growth engine for the world. In the speech of Chinese President Hu Jintao delivered at the 2005 Fortune Global Forum, he promised that China would keep opening up its market, find new ways of usin ...

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Sex Discrimination

wice as hard as men to get there. Currently, there are just three female chief executives among the Fortune 500 and only seven in the Fortune 1000 (Employment Review). Occupations that put both men an ...

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Hewlett Packard

ite CNET published an article about the long-term strategy at HP, "the company ranked No. 11 in the Fortune 500. While the piece was upbeat, it quoted an anonymous HP source and contained information ...

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Johnson and Johnson Financial Ratio Analysis

7 countries and sell products throughout the world. Johnson and Johnson was ranked 32nd on the 2006 Fortune 500.Below is an analysis of Johnson and Johnson's financial ratio analysis:Long Term Debt ra ...

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Caterpillar Corporation

retty much only, company to be an alternative source to Intel for IBM. They have been listed in the Fortune 500, grew to incorporate with ATI, listed on NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange, form an ...

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Case Study - Amoco's Global Human Resource Systems

their experiences in it. These people may either be the paid employees of small operations or large Fortune 500 corporations, the unpaid volunteers of a non-profit organization or charity, members of ...

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