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Transitions of Reptiles to Mammals

that ledme to my subject of choice. I will endeavor to provide examples, using specifictransitional fossils, to show that mammals have evolved from a group of reptiles and weresimply not placed here b ... begin, I would like to define some terms so that nobody gets left in thedust. The term transitional fossil can be used in conjunction with the term generallineage, together they help explain the how o ...

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The Theory of Evolution

t direct proof of evolution is the science of Paleontology, orthe study of life in the past through fossil remains or impressions, usually inrock. Changes occur in living organisms that serve to incre ... ferent layers of rock represented different timeperiods andthat each layer had a distinctive set of fossils of life-forms that hadlived in the past.LamarckismJean Baptiste Lamarck was one of several t ...

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Acid Rain Legislation

further away from it's source causing more than local problems. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is released by fossil fuels when they undergo combustion. Power plants and other fossil fuel burning industrial are ...

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Evolution of Homo Erectus. Details physical and social evolution from Aegygptopithecus to the appearance of Homo Erectus. Improve: Mixed up "hominoid" and "hominid" a bit.

s, and the appearance of Homo Erectus, our primate predecessors went through a world of change. The fossil, climatic, and archaeological evidence available to us allows us to examine how individual ch ... pened sometime after 35-33 million years ago (m.y.a.) (Turnbaugh 190). Dating back to this time are fossils of Aegygptopithecus. This genus of primate was a fruit-eating, arboreal quadruped that was a ...

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Continental Drift: Exploring the Theory.

well could be a fact. The evidence is there. The seemingly coincidental fit of continental shapes, fossil correlation, paleomagnetism, paleoglaciation, and paleoclimatology evidence all are valid pie ... razil. This proposed land bridge was an attempt to explain the well known observation that the same fossilized plants and animals from the same time period were found in South America and Africa. The ...

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An essay describing the theory of evolution and its basic tenets

ity and it is often used to explain biological phenomenon. The Theory of Evolution was based on the fossil layer and experiments conducted by the founder of evolution, Charles Darwin. In Darwin's time ... tory, change over time is expected. The age of the earth supports the next piece of evidence in the fossil layer. The early earth was not a place that was hospitable to life. The air was full of toxic ...

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Skulls Provide Evidence of Common African Ancestors

believe that for the first time they have seen the faces of immediate ancestors of modern humans in fossilized skulls of two adults and three children over 160,000 years old. They are identifiable as ... d analyzed the skulls said, "We can now see what our direct ancestors looked like". The interval in fossil evidence dated between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago is the supposed period of transition fro ...

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Determining the Age of a Fossil

Fossil is the mark or remains of an organism that lived thousands or millions of years ago. Some fos ... re preserved after a plant or animal died. Others are tracks or trails left by moving animals. Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks. These fossils formed from plant or animal remains that were ... layers of sediment pressing down on the lower layers turned them into rock internet article). A few fossils are whole plants or animals that have been preserved in ice, tar, or hardened sap (internet ...

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me and gone. The fewremnant of life beyond recorded history tries to tell its story in the bonesand fossil remains. We, humans that is are intrigued with that past life andattempt to plot a course of ... attempt to plot a course of history we think that that life had live throughthe tracks of bones and fossil remains. Mankind has become pretty confident intheir ability to predict what happened million ...

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d roughly between 150 and 400 thousand years ago. They lived in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The first fossils humans to be discovered, Neanderthals have been studied exhaustively, with good reason. That ... ively, with good reason. That's because there have been more Neanderthal bones found than any other fossil hominine group. That includes 30 nearly complete skeletons, so it is understandable why there ...

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Six week Ant Study and Observations

and studied the ants of Europe and described many species overlooked by his predecessors. In 1967 a fossil was found that was preserved in amber fossil which showed an extinct species of an ant dating ...

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Develop some hypotheses explaining why only eukaryotic cells have evolved into multi-cellular organisms.

dicators suggest that precursors evolved a 2.6 billion years ago--a billion years before the oldest fossil cells. Early single celled eukaryotes probably include amoeba, dinoflagellates, and ciliates ... through mouth-like openings, or other means. Some have internal skeletons cysts.The cysts are found fossilized, but of course you need a microscope to see them. Eukaryotes are larger than prokaryotes ...

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Where we come essay describing the first multi-cellular organism.

y to get through life. What could this animal have been?Paleontologist found the earliest or oldest fossil that was of something they couldn't explain. Only years later did someone found out that the ...

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The Neanderthal Should Be Classified As A subspecies of Modern Man

ies of modern man or should have a place in human evolution. Since its discovery of the Neanderthal fossil in 1856, people have been arguing whether it is a subspecies of modern man, homo sapien Neand ... o to form homo Neanderthals. However, that DNA testing was based solely on one specific Neanderthal fossil, much because genetic material is scarce and difficult to extract. The one Neanderthal subjec ...

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An article on an amazing discovery: Modern Godzilla?

On Thursday, November 10 a strange fossil was found in Argentina resembling a 135 million year old marine crocodile. With the head of a ... oss parts of an unknown speachies. They called in a team of paleontologists (the study of bones and fossils by professionals at work) led by Zulma Gasparini of Argentina's La Plata University. Not kno ... after a crocodile from the same time that resembles the now known "Godzilla". After analysis of the fossils and bones they were surprised to conclude that, with a tail like a fish, and the size of the ...

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This was a press release

'. The centre was created in an effort to encourage both children and tourists to discover the rich fossil heritage of the area.Because the centre is a means by which one can learn about their heritag ...

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subject of the lecture. For example, there are mountains in western Australia that have the oldest fossils that had ever been discovered on this earth. The oldest fossil that was found was 3.6 billio ... subject of the lecture. For example, there are mountains in western Australia that have the oldest fossils that had ever been discovered on this earth. The oldest fossil that was found was 3.6 billio ...

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King Lear

e are the evidence? By Looking at the factual account and evidence on the flood waters, the ark and fossil one can see that the evidence put forward by the Creationist is an unsatisfactory accounting ... "¦Test for the degree of coal formation, gain wood density, cell modification, and degree of fossilization indicated an age of between 4400 and 5000 years. (Davis 41-42) On the other hand Scien ...

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Trace Fossils and Mammoths

A fossil is the remains of ancient animals and plants, the traces of impression of living things from ... e traces of impression of living things from past geologic ages, or the traces of their activities. Fossils have the same shape that the original item had.Fossilization is the process that turns a onc ... shape that the original item had.Fossilization is the process that turns a once living thing into a fossil. There are lots of fossils to be found, but only a tiny number of all the animals and plants ...

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Õt originally from Austrailia but arrived between 3,500 to 4,000 years ago. The oldest dingo fossil is dated at about 3,400 years old. It is thought that the dingo is from the same family as th ...

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