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Abortion and Liberty

ted by permission of Doubleday & Co., Inc.Excerpts from Whatever Happened to the Human Race? by Francis A. Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop, M.D. Reprinted by permission of Schaeffer V. Productions, ... hiding from the facts.The Historical SignificanceIn the book, Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop write:It frightens us when we see the medical profession acqui ...

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Art and the Bible

ought and am looking forward to learn how to read art for the better of myself.After looking at how Francis A. Schaeffer judges his art, I find myself having to think before I do any type of artistry. ...

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A response to Francis Schaeffer' book "Back to Freedom and Dignity" This essay discusses Schaeffer's christian view on B.F. Skinner

Francis Schaeffer was a Christian philosopher, author and theologian that was able to incorporate ho ... ch a universe how shall he decide to live?" (p.12).The next Topic discussed is a speech made by Dr. Francis Crick. Dr. Crick is one of the scientists who unraveled the DNA code. Schaeffer describes Cr ... oint of view; in the book he brought back the meaning to freedom and dignity.BibliographySchaeffer, Francis A. Back To Freedom And Dignity.(Illinois: inter-varsity, 1972)

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