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Charlemagne, bringer of the golden age of Europe.

who pulled down the Roman Empire, the earliest success in creating a new European state went to the Franks, a group of Germanic tribes who occupied much of what are now France and Germany. The Frankis ... any. Clovis converted to Christianity in 496 after success in one of his most perilous battles. The Franks adopted the Latin dialect of the Celtic peoples who occupied Gaul, beginning the development ...

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Charlemagne, a strong leader who unified Western Europe through military power and the blessing of the Church

Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, King of the Franks (742-814), was a strong leader who unified Western Europe through military power and the bles ... ty to return to their pagan lifestyle, the Saxons lost many lives in the prolonged battles with the Franks. With each conquest the Frankish kingdom grew, and with growth came additional power and resp ... ll took as their personal responsibility the reorganization of the Church. Each one, as king of the Franks, saw it his duty to better the state of his churches. (Ganshoff 205) Charlemagne, through the ...

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The Diary of Anne Frank: A Compare and Contrast Essay between the Franks and the Van Daans.

During World War II, the Franks and the Van Daans were hiding in a small area of two to three rooms, with a single window, in ...

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on-Christians.The origins of the Crusades probably began with the death of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 814 and the collapse of his empire. Christian Europe was under attack and on the defensiv ... s happened because the rulers of these states failed to realize the effectiveness of the enemy. The Franks took the key city of Antioch in June of 1098 and then moved on to Jerusalem. The battle at Je ...

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The Greatest King of Franks: Charlemagne, is about the hitorical significance and what led him to such a significant reign.

Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great and King of the Franks, historically was a remarkable influence on the evolution of Europe in the late 700's and ear ... declared against the Slavs in 789 because the Slavs kept harassing the Abodriti, old allies of the Franks, by continual raids, in spite of all commands to the contrary. Charlemagne conducted this war ... nt of money and treasure was seized and this war was otherwise almost a bloodless one so far as the Franks were concerned. The Medieval Sourcebook also describes this war, This statement of course des ...

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Describes evolution of the Frankish panoply from the Merovingian to the Carolingian period. compares it to the Roman Legionnaire?

t soldier to the specialized units (with more and more emphasis on the horse), that the Germans and Franks were still "essentially a people of the forest, which precluded the extensive use of cavalry" ... "essentially a people of the forest, which precluded the extensive use of cavalry" (Beeler 8). The Franks were basically a light-armed infantry based army--with no armor, small oval shields, and a mi ...

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Compare and contrast the concepts of hostility, love and the source of power (God in the Song of Roland and magic in the Tempest) in the books of "Song of Roland" and "Tempest".

two religions: Christianity and Islam. The hostility comes from different religions. Christians are Franks and Saracens are Muslim. Christians see Muslims as evil and enemy because of their religions. ... o go fight a war against the forces of Islam.As the religion is the main reason for the war between Franks and Saracens, they believe that God interferes all the events and at choice times, but certai ...

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Crusades in Europe and how it effected everyone during their time.

After the death of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 814 and the following collapse of his empire, Christian Europe was under attack and on th ... po and Mosul in 1182, brought Aleppo under his control in 1183, and made a four year truce with the Franks in 1185 after invading Palestine in 1183. Reynald of Châtillon, leader of the Franks, b ... chants traveling on the east bank of Jordan. In retaliation, Saladin invaded Palestine in 1187. The Franks got their forces together to withed Saladin at Zippori.On July 4 Saladin defeated the Latin a ...

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Anne Frank and the diary of a young girl and the way she reacts and describes the other people in her book

l for her. It is Margot who is first called up by the Gestapo to go into work camp. This call makes Franks to go into hiding ten days earlier than they had planned. Margot eventually gets closer to An ... of Mr. Frank's, formerly in the meat and sausage business, arranged for his family to live with the Franks in the Annexe of Mr. Franks former work place. This family is the source Anne upset, Anne can ...

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On the history of the Catholic church from Rome, Byzentine to monestaries.

t by about the year 500. By this time, the rich province of Gaul (France) had been conquered by the Franks. The Visigoths (Germanic tribe) had invaded Spain.In 467 a king of the Ostrogoths (another Ge ...

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The Character Analysis of Anne Frank.

, Anne's feelings of excitement cool down, and lonely feelings overcome her. In addition, since the Franks had a cramped lifestyle in the Annexe, they were forced to share rooms. So Anne requested fir ...

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The title of this essay is Belgium.

and pushed Germanic tribes into northern Belgium. About 100 years later, the Germanic tribe of the Franks invaded and took possession of Belgium. The northern part of Belgium became a Germanized and ...

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"What are the reasons for Anne Frank's response to the love ethic in her novel, 'The Diary of a Young Girl'" ?Accounts for Franks reaction to the helpers actions.

he arduous and intense confines of the 'secret annex', a small series of rooms in the attic of Otto Franks workplace, for two years. Their hiding was only made possible by four Christian friends: Miep ... isgust felt towards her mother. These people show such kindness and devotion to their friends, when Franks mother cannot even show affection to her own daughter, and this compounds the respect express ...

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"Educating Rita" by Willy Russell.

l be taught a whole new culture and class.Rita had begun her education before she stepped foot into Franks room; She had done this by watching the ballet and opera on the television even though those ... ng. Rita has transformed into a person who knows what to drink what to say and what to wear weather franks wants it to happen or not. She has become the literary snob he didn't want.

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The Experience of summer school challenges Ritas views of the world. How does Willy Russell make this clear to the reader with his use of literary devices and the culture references in the play.

he play. In act 1 scene 7 Rita starts to buckle down with her school work. Before she first entered Franks office she wanted to talk, now she was ready and willing to read and write about literature." ... n Rita's sole influence and mentor, this means that she has been more than willing to accept all of Franks views and tastes in literature without ever questioning him."You mean that over the years its ...

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Invading Tribes Independant research essay project i got a 66% on this becasue she said my footnotes were wrong but with a little fix up you can get a very good mark

out empire but it was soon to feel the power of all invading tribes such as the Vandals, The Goths, Franks , The Turks and Pirates. Genghis Khan was the man that lead the fierce Mongol army and effect ...

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Life and times of Charlemagne

Charlemagne ruled the Franks between 768 and 814. His empire stretched from the Pyrenees Mountains to Bavaria, and from Ro ... ccessfully as a national army, instead of the usual situation with many single armies attacking the Franks . The Saxon leader, Wittekind (aka.Widukind, Vittekint) was the leader of the combined Saxon ...

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C. The Romans then finally left after the Roman empire collapsed in the 5th century. The conquering Franks chose to name Lutece, Paris, and the capital city of France. Paris is still the capital and t ...

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The Diary of Anne Frank Essay written by lizz

Frank, Anne's father, did not hestitate to wait for the Nazis to come into full power. In 1933, the Franks left Frankfort. Mrs. Frank and the two girls joined her mother in Aachen, near the Belgian bo ... der. Otto Frank went to Holland and started a business in food products. In the spring of 1934, the Franks reunited and settled in Amsterdam.Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam happily, like she did in Fran ...

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The First Crusade: a success?

been achieved, "entitled their chronicles Gesta Dei per Francos, God's work done by the hand of the Franks". But did the people of the First Crusade really fulfil all that Pope Urban II had been hopin ... Clermont, where he writes how he has "urged most fervently the lords and people of the land of the Franks to free the Eastern Churches". Yet the crusaders don't seem to have felt that this is what th ...

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