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This is a review of Leslie White and his three key works.

evolution at a time when it had virtually disappeared from anthropology, following its rejection by Franz Boas and his students. His affirmation of evolutionism, his materialist-utilitarian interpreta ...

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res could usually be ascribed to diffusion from one site of original invention. The German-American Franz Boas worked in this vein and, in numerous studies, insisted upon the primary of culture over i ...

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Franz Boas

7). Words written by a man who is nowregarded as being the founder of modern American anthropology, Franz Boas. The viewsof culture expressed by Boas throughout his anthropological career have shaped ... opological career have shaped how hisgeneration and possibly all generations after him view culture.Franz Boas was born in Minden Germany on July 9, 1958 as one of 6 children. Hegraduated from the Uni ...

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Bronislaw Malinowski

owski’s approach and method of anthropological studies were admired by those who also followed Franz Boas’s anthropology studies. This helped to secure Malinowski as one of the most renowned ...

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Comparing Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology Schools of Thought

gy take different variations in different time periods and civilizations. No better an example than Franz Boas 'Bosnian anthropology' who were politically active and suspicious of research dictated by ...

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be explain with the field of anthropology.Some of the early historical Europeans explorers such as Franz Boas and Matilda Coxe Stevenson studied no the field of ethnography and ethnocentrism. Accordi ...

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What do you understand about the term ethnocentrism? Using one or more examples show how anthropology might help us overcome it.

dividuals on respecting other people's culture but also gives them an insight on their own culture. Franz Boas and Bronislaw Malinowski promote the ideology of tolerating all cultures by encouraging c ... ry and early 20th century, anthropologists argued that human science could supersede ethnocentrism. Franz Boas and Bronislaw Malinowski, who are both anthropologists convinced people to carry on a sys ...

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