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Military of France

OrganisationThe titular head of the French armed forces is the President of the Republic, in his role as Chef des Armées -- the P ... the Republic, in his role as Chef des Armées -- the President is thus Commander-in-Chief of French Forces. However, the Constitution puts civil and military government forces at the disposal o ... 2005, Michéle Alliot-Marie) oversees the military's funding, procurement and operations.The French armed forces are divided into four branches:* Army (Armée de Terre), includingo Chasse ...

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WWI:French flying service. about americans struggling to be pilots in WWI.

A total of twenty-nine Americans enlisted in the French Foreign Legion in the first month of WWI. Jimmy Bach was the first of them to transfer to the ... d. He often visited France and became very fond of the country so he went to Paris to enlist in the French Flying Service. However, he ran against the French law forbidding any foreigner to enlist in ... dding any foreigner to enlist in France's regular armed forces.The reason for that law was that the French feared that foreign espionage agents might get into the French Flying Service . An enemy spy ...

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nation guide

pendence/ Establishment: 14 July, 1789.Head of State: François HollandeOfficial language(s): FrenchAllies/blocs: NATO, European Union and United States.Major religions: Roman Catholic, Protesta ... acism.Ethnic/cultural issues: Americans, alsatian, bengali, brithish etc.Military organization: The French Armed Forces encompass the French Army, the French Navy, the French Air Force and the Nationa ...

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