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why do we remember James Cook?

ompany. His first voyages heworked on ships that carried coal to English ports. In 1755, during the French - Indianwar, Cook joined the British navy. In 1759 he was given a dangerous wartime mission.H ... r for the British navy.The charts that he made during this voyage contributed to the capture of the French cityof Quebec later in that year.James Cook made three voyages to the Pacific. His first voya ...

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These are study notes for United States History. They can be used to study for final exams. These notes contain information on The Colonial period through Union times.

and scientific method.15. Great Awakening-The revival and restoring of the early Puritan church.1. French & Indian War- War between Great Britain and France for control of North America.2. Treaty ... for presidency.17. John Adams- First president that faced a looming war with France.18. XYZ Affair- French officials that demanded $250,000 for seeing Talleyrand.19. Alien & Sedition Acts- Alien a ...

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Deals with the clash between the French and British (English) in the 1750s over the land in the Ohio Valley.

As the English and French boundaries began to meet by the 1750s, great tensions were wrought between the two contending ... n to meet by the 1750s, great tensions were wrought between the two contending countries. While the French were mainly occupying North America for the possibilities it presented involving trade, the E ... g expanses. With these two opposing interests, the English?s to clear land for settlements, and the French?s to reap the benefits of land until it was barren, there was sure to be controversy. With bo ...

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Causes of the Revolutionary War.

was part of Great Britian formed by religious Puritans who came over for religous freedomAfter the French and Indian war which was a bloody and expensive battle of Great Britian agianst France for co ...

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The Duel for North America 1608-1763 chap. 6 of American Pageant. find out about the edict of Nantes, The Seven years war,find out about braddock and other generals!

as far as LouisanaGLOBAL WAR AND DISUNITY* 1ST 3 anglo wars took place in Eur. The 4th, The French and Indian war took place in America in 1754 which turns in The Seven Years War(7 seas war)* ...

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Does George Washington deserve the title "Father of our country?"

the war was over, and was our first president. He first came to notice as a soldier serving in the French-Indian war. He was a modest man and a successful Virginia farmer when he was elected the comm ...

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Causes of the American Revolution including background to mercantile policies and the immediate causes of the revolution.

her countries and to be somewhat self-sufficient, competition for goods was fierce. The English and French did not actively pursue New World exploration and colonization recently after Columbus's disc ... ivilizations in South America was the main cause of the Golden Age in Spain. After seeing this, the French and English were eager to get a slice of the new world pie. The British began sending colonis ...

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Reasons That Led To The American Revolutionary War

l discuss what events lead up to this idea. I shall examine the British theory of mercantilism, the French-Indian War, and many of the acts that Great Britain sought to make the Colonists to abide by. ... away the Colonies' (child's) self-governing rights and tried to enforce the rules of Parliament.The French-Indian War also paved a pathway to the American Revolutionary War. This war was significant t ...

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Historical Research Report: The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

of The Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper is set in late July through mid-August in 1757 during the French Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War, in the wilderness that would eventually become ... people that play roles in this story are the British, the colonists, the Delawares, the Huron, the French , and of course, the last remaining members of the once great Mohican tribe; the Iroquois, wh ...

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Should American citizens during the time of the American Revolution have become Patriots or Loyalists

After the French Indian War, Britain's debt rose to approximately 143,000,000 pounds. Britain also gained from ...

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British tight control on American colonies DBQ

ritain and American Colonist face many hard times together, against , and by each other; due to the French and Indian War. Throughout these trials many alterations are made that change both Britain an ... was denying America of any kind of self rule , when self-rule is what they were used to before the French and Indian War had started. What was even worse to the colonists was the fact that they had t ...

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How did the American rebels suceed in winning independence from Great Britain, at the time the most powerful nation in Europe?

was mainly due to economics, which the British limited, the trading of American Colonies. After the French-Indian War, Great Britain was in debt. In order to restore Britain's finances, the British Go ... of Burgesses (1759-1775), as well as the Continental Congress (1774-1775).He also had served in the French-Indian War. Although his political and military career was outstanding, it was not until1775, ...

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British colonies

period of salutary neglect, the British had no contact with its colonies whatsoever. Then after the French and Indian war, the British started to use the colonists to help repay their debt. This is on ... have been that bad, but they didn't. The British started to tax them after the salutary neglect and French and Indian war.Who had the power to tax was one of the main causes of the American Revolution ...

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Causes and Impact of the French and Indian War

Explain the causes and impact of the French and Indian War in terms of the new policies England imposed on its colonies in North America ... ch helped define this country. One of those memorable events was the battle between the English and French for primary supremacy over the North American continent, also known as the French and Indian ... endeavor by the British to achieve a central position in America and almost completely stripped the French of their claims in North America, the West Indies, and parts of India. The impact of this war ...

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American Revolution

r results of World War I helped to cause World War II. Land issues and economic oppression from the French and Indian War helped to cause the American Revolution by creating a sense of unity throughou ... e colonies. Economic oppression from the British helped to fuel the American Revolution. The French and Indian War cost the British government a great deal of money and they looked to the colon ...

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Different ways the wars in America are portrayed in popular culture specifically films and movies

rces I studied, and that is the Massacre of Fort William Henry, no doubt a significant event in the French and Indian War. Each essay and video describes the massacre in a different way.Let me first l ... me. I believe that it did a good job of explaining the main issues and describing the events of the French and Indian war. Never having heard or learned anything specifically about the war I left clas ...

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is off of Gabriel it is shifted to Benjamin. Since he remembers his own bloody experience from the French & Indian War, Benjamin is reluctant to have any part of this conflict. At first, Benjamin ...

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Brutal British No Better Than Barbarians in The American Revolution.

The Treaty of Paris, February 10, 1763 ended the French-Indian War, giving all of North America east of the Mississippi, other than New Orleans, to t ... e oppressive and ineffective nature of the imperial system; especially its taxation.Even before the French and Indian Wars, Britain had passed two major laws known as Mercantilism and Navigation Acts. ... It showed the intention of the British as to leave no freedom and privacy for the colonists. As the French and Indian Wars came to an end, the British passed the Proclamation Act in 1763. It restricte ...

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To what extent did the political and economic effects of the Seven Years War in North America help cause the American War of Independence?

nships apart. Many factors contributing to this war include political and economic reasons.When the French-Indian War ended in 1761, there were political problems arising between Britain and France. T ... s the most powerful empire at that time. However, due to George Washington's decision to attack the French to occupy more territories and colonies, political problems arose and brought Britain into cr ...

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Enforcing the Empire - Study Notes

1.What were the consequences of the French and Indian War?-casualties were high, food was in short supply, & there was much inflatio ... 46;s Rebellion?-Indians thought that their new allies, the British, were going to take place of the French-the British did not exercise diplomacy in the form of middle ground like the French had done ... f middle ground like the French had done previously-conflict that goes on for about a year-when the French-Indian War --> British left a standing army in North America-colonists looked at with grea ...

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