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In what ways has the theory of the director as the 'author' of a film been used in film studies, and how and why has it been disputed?

ess a personal vision through, making a stand against the serious, social themes of the established French cinema and criticism which gave weight to this 'quality' cinema (Cook & Bernink 1999: 235 ... c Godard was considered by Cahier critics as an auteur, as a radical and experimental member of the French new wave directors, making films which had repercussions for social and film-making concerns. ...

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Hollywood Cinema

s couldn't grasp the baby boomer market, instead, the youth of that generation were turning towards French New Wave cinema and Japanese films.The baffled studios turned to a new breed of filmmakers. T ...

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Truffaut and the New Cinema

ema. France had the La Nouvelle Vague, its own take on the New Wave. It was mostly devised by a few French film critics who later took up the role of film director out of what they felt was a need for ... of these critics-turned-directors, François Truffaut, made one of the first and most famous French New Wave film titled Les Quatre Cents Coups in 1959. Les Quatre Cents Coups demarcates itself ...

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. Its insightful selections offer a thesis: the epochal efflorescence of cinematic invention of the French New Wave that burst onto the scene in the late fifties and early sixties was matched-and, in ... t influential and important modern filmmakers. Expanding... And this is true, with an asterisk. The French New Wave filmmakers were inspired both by Italian neo-realism, particularly the films of Robe ...

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Portrayal of women in Pakistani Films

d, H. Female portrayal in Pakistani cinema 3 THE MALE GAZE THEORY: All of us realize that it is not new for women to be shown as eye candy and sexual objects in the media, especially the cinema world. ... 01/zilay-shah-2008.jpg Pakistani Films on Eid. (2009) Produced by H. Saeed. [You tube] Lahore: Dawn News Pakistan. [Online video] [Accessed on 3 December 2011] ...

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