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Role of Catalyists in Industry

Advanced LevelChemistry (Salters') - Paper 3 mock.ROBERT TAYLOR U6JW.THE ROLE CATALYSTS IN CHEMICAL REACTIONS, THEIR IMPORTANCE IN INDUSTRY,PROBLEMS AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS.A Catalyst is a substance that ... is a substance that alters the rate of a reaction.The catalyst remains unchanged at the end of the reaction. The processis called catalysis. In this report I aim going to explain the role ofcatalysts ...

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Acetylation of Ferrocene

Rf values.As one can see, this crude's Rf is half that of the start material. This indicates that a reaction has definitely occurred. Next we performed an extraction on this sample with Methylene Chlo ... ionsIn sum, this lab was successful. It taught us how to correctly test the accuracy of a synthesis reaction; specifically, the acetylation of ferrocene. Our results show us the accurately synthesized ...

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A Friedel-Crafts Alkyla

usually done in the presence of an alkyl halide with a Lewis acid catalyst. As limitations for this reaction to take place, the arene should be unsubstituted or should have an activating group attache ... groups such as –NO2. These withdrawing groups fail most of the time to carry out this type of reaction due to the lack of resonance stabilization.In this reaction the arene p-xylene is the start ...

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Acylation lab

221 grams (14.7% recovery). The H1 NMR spectrum showed a 1:1 ratio between Ha and Hd, verifying the reaction took place; there were hydrogens present from both anisole and acetic anhydride in para- Me ... ketone, verifying the desired product.2. IntroductionThe Friedel- Crafts acylation is an important reaction for "synthesis of aromatic ketones intermediates in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical in ...

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