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g1. EinleitungS. 31.1 BegriffsgeschichteS. 32. Definitionen von TotalitarismusS. 52.1 ArendtS. 52.2 Friedrich/BrzezinskiS. 52.3 LöwensteinS. 62.4 LinzS. 72.5 MerkelS. 83. Problematisierung des Be ... rerprinzip als solches", so beschreibt sie, "ist noch nicht totalitär." (Arendt 1955, 538f)2.2 Friedrich/BrzezinskiDer typologische Präzisionsversuch der beiden Emigranten Carl Joachim Fried ...

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1845, after many years of experimenting with different ways of isolation, a German scientist named Friedrich Wöhler finally produced grains of aluminum large enough to test the metal's physical ...

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Report on WTO

mmodating both trade and environmental concerns" (Weinstein and Charnovitz, 2001, p1). Explained by Friedrich von Kirchbach in an interview, the WTO takes measures to protect the health and safety of ...

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Domestic Violence in America

ntrol and prevention has identified interpersonal violence as a major public health problem (Velson-Friedrich, 1994).Current estimates suggest that three to four million women are the victims of physi ... , violence is the second leading cause of injuries to women ages 15 through 44 years of age (Velsor-Friedrich, 1994).Most aggressors will often attribute their abusive behavior to external causes, whi ...

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Justifications of Imperialism: A Look at texts by Rudyard Kipling, Cecil Rhodes, Karl Pearson, Joseph Chamberlain, and Friedrich Fabri. Are there arguments rational or irrational?

were after, but other things. Rudyard Kipling, Cecil Rhodes, Karl Pearson, Joseph Chamberlain, and Friedrich Fabri all acknowledged the idea of imperialism and gave different 'moral justifications' a ... at is an inevitable part that eventually brings out more good than bad.German professor of theology Friedrich Fabri argues that Germany also needs to expand its territory. He declares that it is not b ...

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"Wanderer Watching a Sea of Fog" by Caspar David: Terminology Analysis

The piece I chose was "Wanderer Watching a Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich. This piece is about a man who worked hard to get to the top of a mountain and is excited ... truggle and the beautiful landscape represents the prize. The theme of this piece is accomplishment.Friedrich uses many of the elements of design in this work. The use of shapes in this piece is limit ...

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Was fuer eine Rolle spielt Zufall in 'die Physiker'?

schließt. Die einzige Erklärung dafür muss sein, dass es durch Zufall passiert ist. Friedrich Dürrenmatt war auch dieser Meinung aber ihm nach gäbe es mehr dazu. Dieser ber&u ... ritten by: Kenneth S Whitton. published by: Grant & Cutler (1994)•Die Physiker written by: Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Published by Diogenes (1998)

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Political Ideologies: Marx and Goldman share a socialist view.

he wheels of Communism and Socialism in motion with his writings. In collaboration with his friend, Friedrich Engels, he produced The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848 and adopted by many worldwide ... itings of Marx, we see the beginning of an ideology and economic system that in collaboration with, Friedrich Engels, he produced in 1848. Not long after anarchist Goldman, a feminist, also "Red Emma" ...

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