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Maxine Kumin's poems

f rural life is shown,by describing details of animals; such as, "eel-thin belly", "life as loose asfrogs", "slag heaps stand like sentries shot dead", and "I'm going home withthe light hand on the re ...

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How to make an Origami frog.

ont set of legs. Now you have the basic body of your forming frog. Next, fold bottom portion of the frogs body to the top portion. Finally, fold the bottom portion of the frogs body half wayback to fo ... , fold the bottom portion of the frogs body half wayback to form a stair shape in the middle of the frogs body.To make your frog jump, push down on the middle crease so that the frog is flat on the su ...

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The importance of the three witches in Macbeth.

tured and persecutedeven if they weren't. It was also believed that withes had 'familiars' normally frogs,who were like the ghost assistants and that they could fly.The play opens with a burst of thun ...

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Biology notes on Amphibians.

NotesFrogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are direct descendants from fish. Amphibians evolved from a typ ... ded heart have helped them to adapt, and is what they all have in common.There are 3,680 species of frogs and toads in 22 families. They live in environments ranging from deserts to mountains, and pon ... in 22 families. They live in environments ranging from deserts to mountains, and ponds to puddles. Frogs and toads do not have tails. Salamanders lay their eggs in water or in moist places.

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The Murray Darling Basin.

number of plants and animals, many of which are unique to Australia. Originally 20 fish species, 24 frogs, 151 reptiles, 367 birds and 85 mammals were found within the basin. Many are now extinct or s ... ir extinction. Loss of habitat means loss of environment and in return loss of food for waterbirds, frogs and reptiles and their predators.Nature of Environmental problem and causesThe Murray- ...

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mous sheep, Dolly. Dolly was "the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell" (Gould, 224). Pigs, frogs and other animals have been experimentally cloned- that is to say that being "genetically iden ...

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This is an essay i wrote on animal testing and why it should be stopped.

ke, the form of testing, and they ways testing can be avoided.Animals used for education range from frogs that are dissected in classrooms to dogs that undergo open heart surgery to train surgeons. Di ...

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Parasites Affects Frog Population A review written from an article...

Parasites Affecting Frog PopulationThe number of healthy frogs in North America is rapidly decreasing due to a small parasite that results in the deformation ... asing rate of production, man-made ponds are starting to outnumber natural wetlands and are forcing frogs to adapt to these inferior habitats. Ironically, it's lakes like these that the worm known as ... t and attach themselves to the rear of the creature, burrowing in a cyst that affects the growth of frogs legs. The consequence results in missing or extra limbs, which hinders the frogs' movement and ...

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A comparison of Heaney "Death of a Naturalist" and Larkin "First Sight"

ial observation is that both poems contain connotations of nature, Death of a Naturalist focuses on frogs and First sight on Lambs. Both contain two stanzas, however the structure is not as standard i ... lled a bullfrog and how he croaked and how the mammy frog laid hundreds of little eggs and this was frogspawn." The use of language is that of a child's in the previous quote, by using the word "and" ...

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Butterfly Garden: A tragic story that looks at a life of a teenager struggling in her own country with her family.

tion rations and our clothes were reduced to rags. Our dark cells were infested by mosquitos, mice, frogs, cockroaches and worst of all huge rats which we had to beat off. Our only means of washing ou ...

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The White Tiger

now live in zoos or special wildlife parks. A white tigers diet is varied from deer and cattle, to frogs and fish. They can eat up to the equivalent of 200 Big Macs in one serving! White tigers in th ...

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Human Cloning: Duplicating Disaster

rnia first developed the process of cloning. However, the experiments were only done with toads and frogs. The cloning process has never been done with a human. The idea that scientific research could ...

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A Sign of Unity; write about the significance of the sign in the short story "Wing's Chips" by Mavis Gallant

cial standing. The other Englishmen ask the daughter about why her father was socializing with the "frogs". This demonstrates their racism and strong dislike towards the French-Canadians. The father i ...

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MegaFauna in Australia

on. Eighty-five percent of Australia's flowering plants, 84 % of mammals, 89 % of reptiles, 93 % of frogs, and 85 % of inshore marine fish are unique to Australia. Even among the highly mobile birds, ...

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Jest and Earnest Essay by David Woolf

finally to a vision of both. From the get go, Dillard describes to us a scene in "jest" with frogs of all sorts laying in different positions. Some are above, some are below, and still others a ...

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The Use of Language in the Work of Seamus Heaney

y writes about a young boy's experience with nature, and the results of this. After years of taking frogspawn from the "flax-dam", the persona has suddenly seen the frogs for what they are from an aes ... s suddenly seen the frogs for what they are from an aesthetic perspective, and Heaney describes the frogs as a marauding, if not Biblical plague which has set out to seek revenge on the persona of the ...

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B law

and an acceptance by another. [Brogden v Metropolitan Railway Co.] 1. In this case, where Save The Frogs charity sells the lottery with a prize, there was an offer made by the charity. And this offer ... tention has given us in the case. However there's no family or social relationship between Save The Frogs charity and customers, we could presume that there's a commercial agreement between them. The ...

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Chinese fire bellied toad

n, when males have black horny marital pads on their fingers and forearms. One way of telling which frogs are male and which are female is to observe the behavior of the frogs. Whenever a frog tries t ... re is a good chance that the second frog is a female and that she is even prepared to breed. If the frogs haven't yet reached sexual maturity, there's no easy way to make sure that you have got both m ...

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Tiger Snake

ey like to hunt at night.HABITAT: Tiger snakes prefer swampy or marshy ground, where they cane hunt frogs around creeks, rivers or dams. They will come to farms and outer suburban houses, where they h ... nt mice and rats. They also climb trees or shrubs wile hunting.FOOD: Tiger snakes favourite food is frogs. But sometimes they eat small birds, mice, rats, eels, fish, other snakes, lizards and tadpole ...

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Adaptations of a Raccoon

ny parts of plants like grains, acorns, wild berries and fruits. It also eats animals which include frogs, clams, mice, rabbits, white grubs and even beetles. They also feed on the eggs of birds such ...

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