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The Nature of Scientific Progress as described in T.H. Kuhn's model of paradigms and revolutions, and Larry Laudan's model of research traditions

e long since died. The life of the reef is only at its surface; the life of science is only at its frontier. The main idea of this analogy is that present science is not created out of thin air, but ...

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James A. Thom versus original account. Speaks of "Follow the River"

ense of the factual side of the journey. Thus, the reader is able to understand how hard a life the frontier people had to live. However, there are a few deviations that Thom makes. These differences ... similarities between the two accounts. The similarities helped me to appreciate the courage of the frontier people and especially Mary Ingles. The deviations had a major impact on the way that I judg ...

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The Spanish-American War, this essay talks about wether or not America's actions in the Spanish American war were justifiable.

900's) were in a position of great power and wealth. Since America no longer had to worry about the frontier, they decided to try to civilize other nations. After rising as a world power in a short am ...

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A Changing Frontier: Technology Affecting Human Resources Management (includes executive summary, bibliography, parenthetical documentation, and table of contents)

::BEGIN MAIN BODY::A Changing Frontier===================Human Resources Management is an area that is constantly growing and chan ... BLE OF CONTENTS=================EXECUTIVE SUMMARY......................................iiA CHANGING FRONTIER.....................................1TECHNOLOGY AFFECTING HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT....... ... ENTS::::BEGIN MEMORANDUM::MemorandumTo: PROFESSOR'S NAMEFrom: YOUR NAME, StudentSubject: A Changing Frontier: Technology Affecting HumanResources ManagementDate: DATE (Month DD, YYYY)Dear PROFESSOR'S ...

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The nativaeamerican experience, according to Fredrick Turner's accounts, analyzed according to Rousseau's Social Contract

torial expansion (116). Frederick Turner makes a valid claim when addressing the "importance of the frontier in the development of American institutions and society and of the character of its people" ... the development of American institutions and society and of the character of its people" (117). The frontier "was a significant feature of the American experience" and critical in many aspects of Amer ...

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Study Crusader Syria as a feudal military frontier. Identify the principle weaknesses of the Crusader states. How were these weaknesses overcome?

invading Islams from the east; therefore, causing the organization of military forces on the Syrian frontier to adapt. The most pressing concern for the Christian cause was manpower--and what manpower ... additional manpower could be drawn. As the realization of the futility of securing their Christian frontier with minimal manpower came to bear, the Latin states reverted to the one obvious choice in ...

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Artificial Inteligence in the world today.

ar. But it is not at all unusual for sciences to aim at moving targets. Biology explores the moving frontier of what we understand of what happens inside our bodies. Only a few decades ago the ability ...

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America's Movement Westward.

tter half of the ninetieth-century, America shifted its movement westward and began to populate the frontier. Some settlers sought adventure. Others moved onto the frontier to escape the drab routine ... city. Mining towns such as Deadwood and Virginia City demonstrated a new development process in the frontier experience. On the mining frontier, the germ of a city, the camp, appeared almost simultane ...

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American Romanticism in Last of Mohicans.

ece. The movie does not follow the story very heavily, but it really explores the landscapes of the frontier and has detailed costumes and set design in the recreation of the period. Michael Mann goes ...

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An explanation of the major problems the United States faced in 1789, how they were overcome by 1800, and at what cost.

mall republics. Three main problems that might cause this are: export restrictions, fighting on the frontier, and the national debt.In 1789 the United States had to deal with many serious problems. Fi ... g which barely produced enough grain for local consumption.Another main problem was fighting on the frontier, especially with the Indians, British, and Spanish. The Southwest had many problems with In ...

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It is based on the book Rachel Calof,and her life out in the American West.

The West, also known as the "frontier", is a place of wealth, adventure, opportunity, and untrammeled individualism (The Unfinish ... out her fiancé there to help her through new experiences. Equality definitely existed on the frontier, with Rachel doing many tasks made for men. Rachel is in charge of many chores on the farm ... Rachel Calof's Story, 31). Rachel gained a higher status within the family by this invention.On the frontier, the winters are extremely vicious; temperatures being below zero, sparce food, inadequate ...

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Movement of a pre historic culture The Nebulosa Chain

warm and cold currents running through the area. These two nations have been in a constant feud and frontier dispute because of this and the fact that the two nations speak different languages there i ...

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"The Last Of The Mohicans" by James Cooper.

The Last of the MohicansThe Last of the Mohicans is about the subject of the frontier and the people who occupied it. The frontier is both a place and condition made up of oppos ... gainst man - White vs. Indians, Indians vs. Indians, and English vs. French. Man is coping with his frontier, trying to conquer, tame and possess it.James Cooper wrote 30 novels. The Last of the Mohic ... ith great strength and who is very cunning. He was always fighting for his people, fighting for his frontier.Hawkeye is the hero of the story. He is the man with the coonskin cap who helps the good pe ...

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Why did the American Frontier Close?

er to America in search of a fresh start away from taxes, crime and persecution, the Native Indians Frontier had gradually been drawing to an end. The explorers constantly broke agreements with the Na ... which were Indians. Eventually in 1890 the Director of US census bureau finally announced that the frontier was closed.At first the Indians and explorers met peacefully and exchanged gifts and traded ...

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I agree with the quotation: "The failure of the post war treaties to be consistence with the 14 points was the primary source of interwar discontent"

us that it was not consistence with 14 points. The third reason is the treatment of readjusting the frontier of Italy that Italy did not gain territory as much as 14 points had stated in the Treaty of ... discontent.The third reason is that the Part IX of the 14 points states that "A readjustment of the frontiers of Italy should be effected along clearly recognizable lines of nationality"; however, Tre ...

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European Warfare in the First World War

horrible way of life and so extensive that they were said to spread from the North Sea to the Swiss Frontier. Trenches were usually about 7 feet deep, and 6 feet wide, depending on location and the am ...

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Willa Cather: A True Pioneer of Her Time

in Winchester, VA. When Cather was nine, her family moved to her grandfather's farm in the Nebraska frontier. Cather's mother had very poor health so Willa was left primarily alone. She spent most of ... ealth so Willa was left primarily alone. She spent most of her time riding horses and exploring the frontier. Cather did not go to school, but she read the Bible aloud to her grandmother. In 1884, Cat ...

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The American West / Uses movies High Noon, Stage Coach, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to discuss the 'myth' of the American West and where the 'myth' comes from

American West that has been stamped into the minds of all who have come after the beginnings of the frontier. People such as John Ford, along with other directors and/or writers, have taken the ... n Ford, along with other directors and/or writers, have taken the idea of the American West and the frontier and distorted it. For the purpose of entertainment, they have added somewhat fictional deta ...

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The following is a compare and contrast essay between the novels "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain and "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.

he concepts of Holden "escaping" from his world and Huck "escaping" to the freedom of the river and frontier. For instance, Huck is escaping from the comformity of his life while Holden is escaping fr ... ntally and emotionally well.In both novels, Twain show how Huck escapes to the freedom of the river frontier and Salinger shows how Holden escapes from his world. In Huck Finn, Twain portrays Huck as ...

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Frederick Jackson Turner's observations about the birth of democracy

s, boomed into cities, which eventually transformed into present-day metropolises. In addition, the frontier has influenced, as examined in Frederick Jackson Turner's thesis, the East and even the Old ... development of its own "American" zeitgeist that spread beyond its region. According to Turner, the frontier's most important influence on the East and the Old World was the promotion of democracy thr ...

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