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The Function of Profanity in Modern English

extremely taboo and also cover these 'contemporary' topics in swearing. They are: fart, piss, shit, fuck, cock and cunt. The first two are of Anglo- Saxon origin and date from c.1000 and c.1250, respe ... m c.1000 and c.1250, respectively. Piss, however, is of Norman French origin and dates from c.1290. Fuck is a well-known word for sexual intercourse, and cock and cunt are slang, if not profane, terms ...

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the beatz got me falling asleep i keep fallin but never fallin six feet deep im stuck and i need to fuck!I love you don't ever fuckin question that,thats probably why we'll never get along,if i was be ... r get along,if i was better at finding the right words to say i wouldn't need to right these mother fuckin songs. I grew up a life of ants, uncles, cousins that would never do the shit u think they di ...

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e blood of life?The blood of what?Life is artificialLife is a jokeLife is a parasiteLife is a circleFuck the circleFuck the worldFuck thisFuck thatFuck it allIt isn't worth it anymoreJust be what they ...

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Battle of The Rockies

it's had to remember something that small." I say trying not to show my confusion." Sure blonde."" Fuck you John!"" Exactly my point."I was saved by Jeff coming in to say, "Hurry up you idiots!"John ... a bullet whizzed past my ear disrupting any other thoughts I had. Had job to do, a tank to destroy. Fuck life say to myself. Two more bullets whizzed past my leg. I had to get going. I started running ...

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Evolution and profainity

ame point across as their four lettered friends. Such words usually include crap, ass, shit, bitch, fuck, and damn. There are many variations on the usage and placement of these words, but they still ... cally when a group of people get together and whine about how terrible their lives are, quite fun! "Fuck" is probably the most offensive swear word used. The earliest use of it is in "Verbatim" in 150 ...

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A drama scene. Short and sweet. Teachers love it. 2 people acting.

Father - Oh my god...oh god no. Oh sweet jesus mother of mary and joseph in all that is holy!Girl - Fuck off Dad!Father -Whoa! I'm just kidding around!Girl - I know, and I'm really not in the mood rig ... Dad" then it's "I don't wanna talk aboutit" and now..."Just stay out of it"? What next?Girl - Dad! Fuck. Just get out please. You don't understand. I need to be alone right now. Just get out of my ro ...

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Flyeing in love forever

Flying In Love ForeverWe finished our breakfast and we began to think. "You are going to fuck me up when and if we are separated," we would tell each other through long romantic stares with ... ngine, tossing it to and fro. With Jess on the table and the conditions deteriorating, I was pretty fucked. And I hated that. But I held my own as any centered pilot would, and I saw things through to ...

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F Words and Funny Expressions

ions of the body. One of these words has quite a history of hitting the headlines. It's the famous "FUCK". Surprisingly, the age and origins of this word are obscure. The word seems not to be recorded ... ber? 'That's a bad word.' 'Awwww.' There are no bad words. Bad thoughts. Bad Intentions.Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits, huh? Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones t ...

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Christmas In July

l for all those who visited Mr. Daniels in the quest for intoxicants: "We like buddy Christ, and we fucking rule." It manifested into a working plan faster than any motivated college student cou ... e eye. I could feel his strength growing as he violently explained his disgust in the fact that his fucking tree had been cut down. Combat was going to be needed to fix this mess; an epic battle betwe ...

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e xgamers irc channel anymore.. its nothing against the guys that no stuff.. just you newbs are too fucking annoying for my likeings.. i guess i have got to that age where the immaturaty and ignorance ... and say what you want talk the shit you want about me because guess what i don't care and i have no fucking clue why i am even spending the time now to write this. things aren't going to change by the ...

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me with mace man! I couldn't see shit! Do it yourself next time if you're so damn smart! KEMODERO -Fuck that man! How much did you get? LOONEY -Uh...14...16...18...around 2000 kr....and a watch.KEMOD ... nd dad. You just mugged my family you stupid peice of shit!!! Hahahahaha! LOONEY -Oh shit! Damn! No fuckin' way!! KEMODERO -Come on man! it's not that bad! I aint pissed at you. I allways wanted this ...

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he dildo on. It looked like a genuine cock sticking out from her pussy, and I was eager to have her fuck me with it.- Hurry up and fuck me, I can't wait, I said.- First things first. Said Leslie - I w ... out of my mouth and turned me over. She then inserted her cock in my cunt from behind and began to fuck me really good. I enjoyed feeling Leslie's cock going in and out of me. With her hands placed f ...

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Breaking Up

Briana says: so im a bitch now hey A Thug Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: well what he fuck A Thug Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: i talk to you like a normal person and you think ... s: you have any right to call me mean A Thug Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: im just really fucking tired of this shit about you always telling me to go away and im being meand fuck off and sh ...

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pnjbithug06: Yo dis clint KaliWaKer33: who cares pnjbithug06: i fuckin

pnjbithug06: Yo dis clint KaliWaKer33: who cares pnjbithug06: i fuckin care KaliWaKer33: who the fuck is this pnjbithug06: dis is Sundeep pnjbithug06: I heard u fuc ... aKer33: son? pnjbithug06: listen kid pnjbithug06: u got beef with pd KaliWaKer33: umm i dont give a fuck pnjbithug06: u got beef wit me pnjbithug06: u wanna fuck wit are crew pnjbithug06: n we serious ... pnjbithug06: u wanna fuck wit are crew pnjbithug06: n we seriously take care of u KaliWaKer33: ur a fuckin homo ass arab pnjbithug06: u know all those black kids in ur school? pnjbithug06: kelvin? Kal ...

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Character Setup: Anaya James - 9 Michelle Tyler - Anaya's

--------------------------------------------------------------- December 15, 2002 "Shut the fuck up...put yo fuckin lips together and shut the fuck up you Dick ass nigga... you muthafuckas ain ... k up you Dick ass nigga... you muthafuckas ain't concerned with my safety... hell nawe... give me a fuckin reason." Agent Michael Di Piazza took a sigh and with no further hesitation told the man on t ...

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Unsent Letter

always have before I sleep. I hated it. I loathed it. But I assure you, I am not mad at you. Well, fuck you and your reasons. Fuck you for not being man enough. Fuck you and your cowardliness. Fuck y ...

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