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Business Memo for A proposal to Jiffy Lube to purchase a new piece of shop equipment for fuel system service.

MEMORANDUMDATE: July 26, 2004TO:FROM:SUBJECT: Proposal for Incorporation of Fuel System Cleaning to Service MenuProblemWith gas prices soaring and automotive emission control s ... blemWith gas prices soaring and automotive emission control systems becoming more and more complex, fuel system preventative maintenance is becoming very important. Today's auto gasoline contains many ... up of olefins, paraffins, dirt, water, and even some of the additives can be found on the inside of fuel passageways as well as in the intake manifold and on the intake valves. The problem is that all ...

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Carburetion Versus Fuel Injection

of whether or not the 350 cubic inch engine should be equipped with today's computerized electronic fuel injection system or the traditional carbureted system. I argue with my father that today's E.F. ... ars on the racetrack, I believe that the future of the automotive world lies in computer controlled fuel injection systems. In order to understand the benefits of carburetors and fuel injectors ...

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Automotive emissions

w come we can interact with the engine to get better results in terms of emissions, efficiency, and fuel consumption.First of all it's necessary understand each emission, and what is causing it.The 'c ... ways of reducing Co2 emissions, one is reducing the engine displacement, the other is improving the fuel economy, both of them are related with the quantity of fuel burned as less fuel we burn as few ...

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re complex with more rigid emission/higher performance standards and constant effort to gain higher fuel efficiency. Twenty years ago, control systems were mechanical (i.e., carburettor, distributor, ... l (i.e., carburettor, distributor, and breaker contact). Now, microcontroller-based systems control fuel injection and ignition. Since the control strategy for anengine depends strongly on the current ...

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