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Mistissini History and Culture

i's actual location was just a summer encampment due to the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company fur trading post on sight. The North West Company and other fur traders were also in the vicinity an ... est Company and other fur traders were also in the vicinity and can be considered contenders in the fur trade with the Hudson Bay Company in those days.Apart from Mistissini Crees there were neighbour ...

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This is an essay about the annexation of western lands during the 1800s. It includes annexation of Texas, Oregon and western lands of Mexico.

he early 1800's, an abundance of land and other natural resources lured American pioneers westward. Fur traders, cattle ranchers, farmers, and miners led the push to the west. Merchants and other busi ... fought for their independence, other Americans looked to the Oregon region with great anticipation. Fur traders and missionaries were the first white settlers to reach the Pacific Northwest. (Boorstin ...

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Lewis and clark

ecame a hot topic inthe America. The only exploration of this land had been done was by outlaws and furtraders. Jefferson decided to send his private secretary Meriwether Lewis and a smallparty to loo ... in the westerneconomy and trade. Lewis and Clark consumed all of the knowledge they could aboutthe fur trade, military alliances and tribes of the west. The Mandan's Indians played asignificant role ...

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"Boys And Girls" -images essay

The fur trade is lively, the winter is bitter cold, and it's normal to slaughter animals in the basement ... e burns, and because of this harsh weather, Alice Munro describes the coating of the animal's thick fur. In "Boys and Girls," where there is luscious fur to be found, there is a fur trader as well.It ... Girls," where there is luscious fur to be found, there is a fur trader as well.It was custom of the fur traders in Canada to kill foxes for the purpose of selling the fur. The "naked, slippery bodies" ...

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Alcoholism In Aboriginals

lcohol was first introduced to the aboriginals through social interactions with European explorers, fur traders, and merchants. Alcohol became a part of their business as well as pleasure. The aborigi ...

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Fox River

igan to the Mississippi River. It was a well-known route used by early explorers, missionaries, and fur traders to reach the Northwest and the Mississippi River system from the Great Lakes. Today the ...

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Events leading to the cause of

n of 1763. This proclamation stated that nobody may enter the Ohio Valley unless they were licensed fur traders. British troops were posted on the frontier to enforce this. This angered the colonist b ...

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Josey Wales

e Nation. When Josey goes to get Lone Wattie a horse he sees an Indian squaw getting abused by some fur traders. So now Josey has two other people in his company. The next three helpers came when Jose ...

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"women In Between"

(Women in between): Indian Women in Fur Trade Society in Western Canada," is an article written by Sylvia Van Kirk, who has done a signi ... by Sylvia Van Kirk, who has done a significant amount of research on the Indian women's role in the fur trade society in Western Canada. In Van Kirk's article, she makes an argument by showing how unh ... de them seek refuge In marrying and forming alliances with the European explorers. The women of the Fur trade wanted to improve their status as women, as it was the most significant way to form allian ...

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Dakota Conflict

broken into long-term and short-term causes. One of the long-term causes was the unfairness of the fur traders. The traders would up the prices, and they kept records that may not have been correct. ... settlers were moving in to take over the land. Then, the senate decided that the Indians could move further west and they got a treaty signed that said the Indians only had five years to stay on their ...

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Ever since Detroit was founded in 1701 great leaders have

ichigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In Michilimackinac there were thousands of Indians and hundred of fur traders migrating to this settlement. Cadillac made enemies with the Jesuits because they were t ... ghts of a landlord and collect money from the French settlers. He also made a large profit from the fur trade business by buying out the Company of the Colonies of Canada. On July 24, 1701 Cadi ...

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Traditions and Encounters Chapter 25 Americas and Oceania Outline

can slaves to do the hard, heavy and intense labor•In North America, French, English and Dutch fur traders allied with the indigenous peoples who provided them with animal skins as well as other ... ntury•Life was difficult in the colonies and settlers did not cultivate food crops•Traded fur and other commodities as well as silver and gold•Many died in Jamestown due to food shortag ...

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