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one of her ancestors who was hung during the Salem WitchHunts. This lit an interest in her mind to further research the subjectof Wicca, the craft of the wise. By consulting many books aboutwitchcraf ...

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The Boston Tea Party

estroying numerous chests of tea and throwing the contents over board into the Boston harbor. After further research, it is found that there is more than one view on the matter, depending on where you ...

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erienced irrespective of whether the situation was positive or negative.Since then, a great deal of further research has been conducted, and ideas have moved on. Stress is now viewed as a "bad thing", ...

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Business Law

ions in business and commercial relationships with their differences.All this knowledge and through further research I will then apply the rules acts and legislation surrounding contracts to a real li ...

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Does social responsibility in a business contribute to its profits?

the effect changes have had on these organizations. The role will be defined and then supported by further research into what social responsibility does for the firm, how it is perceived by managers ... ngly important due to the changes in the environment, as it has been found, and it will be detailed further shortly, that SR helps to increase firm value, which in turn has practical implications for ...

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The university should not provide so much theoretical knowledge but give students more practical training. Do you agree or disagree?

mainly two tasks: one is cultivating people to be professional in their fields, the other is doing further research on certain aspects. These two tasks decide that university focus on theoretical kno ... ersity focus on theoretical knowledge, but not practical training. What's people looking for in the further education in university? Certainly it's knowledge and most probably the theoretical knowledg ...

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Police Brutality

, New York, Philidelphia, Portland,Province, San Fran, and our nations capitol Washington D.C. Upon further research HumanRights Watch concluded that all these cities fail to investigate police brutal ...

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Gun Control

After reviewing my notes and further research this is my conclusion:In the current American society there are between approximate ...

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Book Notes and lecture Notes from Chapter 1, Introduction to Psychology, Dennis Coon, Tenth Edition

ypotheses, and publish results. scientific debate and theories suggest new hypotheses which lead to further researchExperimentsAre the best way to identify cause-and-effect relationships in psychology ... y can also prescribe drugs(except in New Mexico)PSYCHOANALYSTMust have an MD or a Ph.D. degree plus further specialized training in the theory ad practice of Freudian psychoanalysis.NOTE: A physician ...

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Violence in Hockey: When does it go to far and how can a sport known for violence solve its problem?

ore by Todd Bertuzzi. Although the NHL has came up with different strategies to deal with violence, further research is necessary to establish an evaluate way to deal with violence in hockey and this ...

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sso until later discovered that it was in fact it was a joint effort with Georges Braque then after further research historians discovered that it was in fact Georges Braque who had the most influence ...

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Gaudi and His Inspirations.

and many books and accounts on Gaudi that I have read categorize him as a Catalan Modernist, but on further research I saw elements of many other styles of architecture.Gaudi was surrounded by the his ...

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Organization Intervention definitions

ideas for changes, the changes are introduced into the same system, and their effects noted through further research and diagnosis. The number of cycles may be infinite.2. Ad hoc Task Force Teams:A gr ...

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The effects of genetic engineering

to be an interest to myself. I have strong feelings for the use of animals to provided science with further research and development of all areas. Especially, if animals can lead to the saving of huma ...

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Sickle scaler

e scaler from the first day it has been introduced to us in Pre-Clinic and I was fascinated to do a further research on it and learn things that weren't covered in class lectures. Therefore, this repo ...

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Construction Technology

n period. I came to this conclusion by talking to neighbours and visiting local libraries and doing further research. During this project my aim is to analysis the key features of the building shown b ... centrated in two places. Which means that the beam is under a lot more pressure from the loads, and further alterations must be taken with care. (Drawing loads placed on a building 2 - demonstrates th ...

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"Applications of Total Synthesis to Problems in Neurodegeneration: Fascinating Chenistry Along the Way" by Rebecca M. Wilson and Samuel J. Danishefsky

ternative method to the creation of medicine, it would prove incredibly valuable and convenient for further research.In collaboration, the authors have recently launched a complete synthesis-based pro ...

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Hypothesis Testing (Gas Prices)

ted by to various gas prices in different cities in the Eastern US. Taking the study a step further, Team C elected to test the gas prices in two states, Florida and Michigan, to further resea ... to test the gas prices in two states, Florida and Michigan, to further research such prices. After further research, results reported that the gas averages in Florida and Michigan were calculated at ...

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E Is For Ecstasy

the drug in a safer manner. He also wants to supply this information because he wants to stimulate further research of the drug.Chapter 2 In this chapter he discusses his own experiences with ...

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The Human Genome: Will It Change Your Life?

how the mutations of genes can lead to signs of deafness. Because of this knowledge, we are able to further research a cure for this disease. This article describes the processes of normal hearing, an ...

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