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Key environmental legislation

waste management legislation is more of a balancing act between economic and environmental factors. Future research would most likely go more in depth about the process behind getting these laws passe ...

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An Investigation into the Market for "Western Music" in China

ssed later, followed by a comparison of findings and the assumptions as well as the implication for future research.Introduction1. General Information on ChinaChina, (People's Republic of China), is t ... ld be investigated .Due to the scarcity of time and human resource, we were not able to realize it. Future studies could be more diverse.ConclusionThe primary goal of this report is to collect the inf ...

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The Effects of Mainstreaming on Learning Disabled Children

efinitely positive effects of mainstreaming, but also hopes that these current findings will direct future research to detect learning disabilities as early as possible.For many years now, there has b ... oncerned and aware of early detection of learning disabilities in their children. I would hope that future research would attempt to find better and more efficient ways to detect learning disabilities ...

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Critical review of the academic paper titled "A Strategic Planning Network for Non-Profit Organizations"

critique of argument and alternative views that could be valid.Towards the end, different areas of future research are suggested based on the paper under review.An alphabetical list of resources used ... illiam (1999) Research on Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organisations - Synthesis, Analysis and Future Directions Administration and Society [online] July 1999 Vol. 31 No. 3, pp378-423 Available f ...

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Religion Studies - Therapeutic human cloning needs to be made available to all people, regardless of financial or economic position, when it becomes frantically available.

o treat disease.Therapeutic cloning has the potential to impact health access, health outcomes, and future research on various diseases. There are many other benefits in which therapeutic cloning can ...

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Critical Analysis of Women and Child Health Issues: Bangladesh

The international region I have chosen for future research of my assignment is Bangladesh because of the recent monsoon flood that occurs annua ...

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The global logic of strategic

h implications for companies operating in today's global environment, together with suggestions for future research on strategic alliances.THE GLOBAL LOGIC OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCES The underlying argume ... t ventures and strategic alliances in today's competitive global environment, this is an area where future research is required about what makes successful corporate relationships.LITERATURE REVIEW Du ...

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Running head: PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW OF LIE DETECTION Psychological Review of

. The following review discusses the criticisms of the methods and looks at possible directions for future research.Psychological Review of Deception Detection Lying and deception are an extremely com ... is interesting. Currently the polygraph is the most popular test, but brain scans and EEG?s are the future. I am not sure if there will ever be a real lie detector test that is 100%, but the prospect ...

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Computer Networks: Are They Worth It?

es. If nothing is found, then we can be sure that we have a good idea of what is actually going on. Future research ideas may be discovered from this research. This could be new and improved ways of n ...

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

is article, Research Privacy Under HIPAA and the Common Rule, to critique because of an interest in future research with human subjects.Historical BackgroundFor almost twenty-five years, privacy issue ... esolved Issues section, ¶ 9).The sixth issue is the consent and authorization for undetermined future research. The Common Rule allows a researcher to obtain IRB approval for prospective undeterm ...

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A Framework for supporting the Preparation of ISD

what considerations they should make in this viewbefore the systems development project begins. Our future research aimsto complement this framework with guidelines and to get the frameworkeven practi ... dy been done.Chapter 2 provides an overview of research work that has been done so far. Inchapter 3 future research plans aiming to reach the two last research questions are outlinedand discussed. Fin ...

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omega diet

ictures and symbolsResults and errorsConclusion:Positive effects of attentive children in classroomsFuture research needed�Introduction:Not long ago, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was consider ...

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Munchhausen By Proxy

onnel confronted with repeated requests for unwarranted special education services. Suggestions for future research are included.Keywords Factitious . Munchausen . Proxy. Illness deception . Sick ...

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Audience Effects and Extroversion

d that extroversion-introversion is an important factor of social facilitation and implications for future research were discussed.�The Impact of Extroversion and Audience Effects on Performanc ... performance. Unfortunately, this study is only applicable to performance on motor-based tasks; thus future research could address performance on cognitive-based tasks.RationaleThe existing literature ...

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