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By the autumn of 1934 Hitler reigned supreme in Germany. Using at least five of these sources, and other relevant information, describe the steps by which Hitler achieved this.

only served a few months of a five year sentence. When he was in prison Hitler made the decision to gain power by legal methods. Source C tells how Hitler felt:'Instead of working to achieve power by ... This shows us that the underlying principles behind Nazism did not change but the way at which they gained power did.Hitler then tried to make the party into a more national organisation. The results ...

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Manipulative power. Refers to Ayn Rand's ideas

orm of free flowing energy, a source found within every one and for each individual. Assume that to gain power, one has to tap this resevoir of immense proportions and relish upon the rich harvest to ... s porthole as a point of attack. His aim, is the breakdown ofanother's soul and thus in this way he gain power over them. Toohey can be rank above the most tyrant Monarchs and the worst dictators in h ...

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"As I Lay Dying" by William Faulkner

s insight into thatcharacter's underlying meanings.Darl, for example, uses his linguistic skills to gainpower as narrator. He possesses the ability to pick up onthings unsaid and to read other people' ... e knows" (27). He uses his gift of realizingthings without them having to actually be told to him togain credibility with the reader. Who would doubt anarrator who possesses that type of adroitness? A ...

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Essay (opinionated) on the ideal president.

best interests of the nation and not act as part of any sort of political agenda that would seek to gain power for the President's political party or from a desire to return to the office for prestige ... ident. Separation of church and state, an ideal that is taken from a misquotation along with going against the beliefs of the Framers, would no longer be an issue. While there would be no official sta ...

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elates women to being inferior to men. They must obey a man's every command, and if they should go against man, then they should be punished. Antigone opposes this role every opportunity she obtains. ... hen they should be punished. Antigone opposes this role every opportunity she obtains. She tries to gain power by burying her brother and standing up to King Creon. It opens up by Antigone speaking to ...

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Domestic Violence Against Women; A Socio-Economic Crisis

IntroductionDomestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultur ... y-five years, has the issue been 'brought into the open as a field of concern and study' (Violence Against Women in the Family, page 38).Domestic violence is not an isolated, individual event but rath ... ot an isolated, individual event but rather a pattern of repeated behaviors that the abuser uses to gain power and control over the victim. Unlike stranger-to-stranger violence, in domestic violence s ...

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Causes of the Civil War

their cotton. This created the Northern fear of Competition. The North was afraid that South would gain power of crops and put them out of business, which, in turn, would double slavery. The North wa ... involved territorial subjects and slavery acts. In 1820, the Missouri Compromise was worked out and gained congressional approval. Missouri was to be admitted as a slave state, and Maine would enter t ...

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Imerialism - A paper on what imperialism is, how it came to be, and it's effects on Europe and today's society.

Between the years of the 15th and 18th centuries, European nations flourished. They gained control over a majority of the Western Hemisphere. From 1880 and 1914, Western powers set out ... h one country owns another country or territory. Most such control is achieved by military means to gain economic and political advantages. Such an action is also called "expansionism". An expansionis ... ause it became a western civilization. In 1902, Japan is strong enough to join forces with Britain against Russia. In 1904, they took over Korea, and so on. All this led to a revolution in Russia.The ...

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Democracy Debate

e Electoral College process, places many different rules on minor parties to exclude them from ever gaining any real power or holding powerful public offices. But I believe times are changing and this ... ve into this country and populations begin to grow, many different parties will eventually begin to gain power to satisfy the diverse American political views. To keep the people satisfied with our go ...

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Brilliant Lies by David Williamson shows that sexual harassment is a twisted combination of sex and power.

son shows that sexual harassment is a twisted combination of sex and power. Susy Conner uses sex to gain power, Gary Fitzgerald uses power to gain sex and Brian Conner was too drunk to realise his abu ... power, or a little of each.Susy has always relied on her looks and sex appeal to get her by and to gain power. She used her looks to get a job by wearing a low cut top and a short skirt to the interv ...

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How significant was the role of Albert Speer in Hitler's plans for winning World War Two?

of, and his anti-Bolshevik and anti-Semitic sentiments.However, it would appear that Hitler hope to gain power over Europe largely by skillful strategy - timingwas essential. He hoped to build up Germ ... . His role as an Architect was of a tool for pro-war propaganda. His deigns(including the Olympics) gained recognition for the Germany, and provided them with further proof of th esuperiority if their ...

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Henry IV Part 2 as Compared to History. A comparison of this play to the actuall history of the time in Wales and Europe. Original draft.

e right to have control of the monarchy. Whether or not this is their only reason for attempting to gain power, let political and financial means also play a large role although they are not as import ... eginning as villains. This attracts resentment upon them immediately due to the fact that they are against the king who is pulling sympathy from the audience. Shakespeare implied this from the beginni ...

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Caesar and Brutus.

sor, are seen in many characteristics. Brutus reflects Caesar's pride, carelessness, and methods to gain power. Brutus, as seen in the quote, is just a reflection of Julius Caesar and his character.Th ... of trouble instead of being precautious they are overly confident and careless.The methods used to gain a position of power are similar for both Brutus and Caesar. The two people use cruel, sly tacti ...

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Stalin and the desire for 'Total Power'.

lready 'total powers' by 1933?This essay describes Stalins manipulative ability that he utilised to gain power in the USSR. It describes how he demoralised and defamed his contenders due to his desire ... dapt to, and manipulate situations so they resulted in favouring circumstances for his own personal gain, was remarkable. Following the gradual demise of Lenin, Stalin was in a position to manoeuvre f ...

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World War II.

broad and abundant, from the advances in warfare and technology to the cruelty of using genocide to gain power. Genocide took a major role in the occurrences during the war. It involved persecution of ... All day, thousands of naked men shuffle up and down the roads, cluster around the squares, or lie against the walls and on top of the roofs. We have been sleeping on plain boards, since our mattresse ...

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A woman in Ancient Roman times.

ASSESS THE METHODS AGRIPPINA USED TO GAIN POWER AND AUTHORITYA woman in Ancient Roman times never wielded much power especially when it c ... arse of her life, Agrippina showed herself to be extremely power-hungry, especially for a woman. To gain the power and political influence that she so desired, Agrippina used many methods, such as fam ... ily background and ancestry, seduction, marriage and assassination. All these methods helped her to gain popularity, elevate her status and silence any opponents, thus helping her gain immense power a ...

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World War One Germany had to face serious problems.

Weimar Government, serious economic problems of inflation and unemployment in the early 1920s and again after 1929 and the Great Depression. Furthermore, fear and concern about the rise of communism ... f the government and economic problems and also fear of communism and the techniques Hitler used to gain power.Basically, why the Germans were so angry about the treaty of Versailles. A treaty is an a ...

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The Women of Full Metal Jacket.

genders, it is obvious that the male soldiers always hold complete power over the women, able to bargain their "services" down to a paltry five dollars per soldier. For one of the prostitutes, a soldi ... er completely flips this gendered scheme of power-relations by using an intermediary, her rifle, to gain power over the male soldiers.For these G.I.s, the idea that women don't exist on the battlefiel ...

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Muhammad and the Ummah: Introduction

ca. Because the Quraysh were pagans in the majority, they would never let Muhammad or his followers gain power as long as they were the minority. On page 173 Hodgson states, "...the pagan Quraysh coul ...

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"The Destructors" written by Graham Greene.

destruction of Old Misery's house occurred. The story uniquely conveys the boys' desire to destory, gain power and to gain acknowledgement ("The fame of the Wormsley Commen car-park gang would surely ... ot only shows a distinct power of the Wormsley Common gang but also shows everyone else's desire to gain power. In the story Greene focuses on mainly the destruction of the house but looking past that ...

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