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Dream Interpretations

the gods. In later centuries, Hippocrates (a Greek physician), Aristotle (a Greek philosopher), and Galen (a Greek philosopher) believed that dreams often contained physiological information that may ...

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A historical analysis on the study of optics from pre-Socratic times through the age of Newton. By Adam R.

ve been in the making for the last few millennia. Hellenistic philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Galen, Ptolemy, Archimedes, and Aristotle, have all helped pave the way for those great scientists o ... cs with philosophical, perceptual, and psychological matters. A physiological approach to optics by Galen focused on the operations and nature of the eye.All of these interpretations of the relationsh ...

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Which Religion Did Most For Medicine in the Middle Ages- Christianity or Islam?

ings.The similarities in treatments are mainly due to ancient medical writers, e.g. Hippocrates and Galen. Both religions believed that they were right so they did not dispute their findings, i.e. the ... emphasise on being able to read and write because they idolised the ancient writers who could, like Galen and Hippocrates. Libraries were built on a large scale and books were very important to them. ...

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Could herbal medicines be the answer to your suffering?

ercise and good health, as being the cornerstones of health. Around 200AD, the herbal practitioner, Galen, developed a classification of illnesses along with their remedies.Herbal medicines continued ...

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Summary of article: A. Susan P. Mattern, Physicians and the Roman Imperial Aristocracy: The Patronage of Therapeutics , Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 73 (1999), 1-18

reputation in the Roman society. This is done by reading letters from the Roman elite, the works of Galen and many other great physicians of the time. Mattern starts by telling the way a physic ... do know about, like Antonius Musa, a dramatic cure was involved. (P.7) Through the works of Galen we learn how difficult social advancement of any kind is. Since many aristocratic patients hav ...

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Galen transmitted Hippocratic medicine all the way to the Renaissance. His On the Elements According ... ments, and in turn with the seasons. He created his own theories from those principles, and much of Galen's work can be seen as building on the Hippocratic theories of the body, rather than being pure ... tin writings of Celsus, but accepted that the ancient works of Asclepiades had sound theory.Amongst Galen's own major works is a seventeen-volume On the Usefulness of the Parts of the Human Body. He a ...

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. He had two sons, Thessalus and Draco, and a son-in-law, Polybus. All three were his students, but Galen says that Polybus was Hippocrates' true successor. Galen also states that Thessalus and Draco ...

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Religious Freedom: Supreme Court Case Oregon Vs Smith

Two Native Americans, Alfred Smith and Galen Black, were fired from their jobs by their employer, a private drug rehabilitation center in O ... sacramental purposes during a religious ceremony at their Native American church. Alfred Smith and Galen Black, both later applied for unemployment compensation with the state of Oregon. Oregon's Emp ...

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Cortical Bone

o anatomy, several other notable scientists have played a part in bone anatomy including Aristotle, Galen, Abdallatif, Havers, and Albinus. In Great Britain in the 19th century only the bodies of murd ...

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Andreas Vesalius - Father of Modern Anatomy

on. Anatomy lecturers of this time period would traditionally read and instruct through the work of Galen. During this time period, Galen was known as infallible. Everything he did and said was taken ... to correct many flaws that had been found in the previous works of great theorists – including Galen. Empirical research would later lead Vesalius to create monumentally important publications in ...

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Benito Mussolini

't ask any questions about the text or the "ancient thinkers" such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Galen. His father, a musician named Vincenzo, sent him there. After college, without getting a degre ...

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Anatomy Throughout The Rennaisancce And Middle Ages

rform small operations, it was the Romans who advanced in surgical techniques. A man named Claudius Galen began experimenting with apes and pigs, believing that they were closely related to humans. Ga ... elated to humans. Galen also healed numerous injured gladiators. From the long years of experience, Galen wrote a book, Bones for Beginners, which gave Latin names to many bones in the body. The belie ...

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Bionic Eye: This report focuses on the development of the Bionic Eye, the people who work in this field, the effects this product has on society, & recent innovations.

, and Sushruta is thought to have been the first Indian to specialise in this particular field.Next Galen remedied eye deformities such as the curvature of the cornea and lens – an idea further d ...

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Percussion Ensemble

Last Thursday, November 29th, I had the opportunity to see a percussion ensemble directed by Galen Lemmon at San Jose State University's Concert Hall. Before the show, I didn't know what to exp ...

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Nature and Nurture: Concepts of why we behave in the manner that we do.

The idea that people differ in their personality and temperament goes back at least to the time of Galen in the second Century (Rutter, 2006). Galen proposed temperamental traits into sub-divisions o ... sions of four different qualities – melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic and choleric (Rutter, 2006). Galen believed that these inborn humors not only determined a person’s behavioral and emotional ten ...

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The Inevitable Consequences of Future Time Travel

hools Journals much of his financial support came from his “professional cricket career” (Galen 252). His first stories provided the foundation of modern genre of science fiction and were us ...

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Vesalius and the Hippocratic Tradition

unique was he based his work on dissection of the human body. These experiments proved to him that Galen wasmistaken in a lot of his theories and ideas about the anatomy of the humanbody. This contra ... ut the anatomy of the humanbody. This contradiction represented a real challenge for Vesalius since Galen was a prominent Roman physician and philosopher and his teachings had been dominated the pract ...

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Animal Experimentation Ethics Paper

e day, completely eliminate it."Animals have been used in research for more than 2000 years" (Day). Galen, born in 131 A.D, is considered to be the founder of experimental physiology because he used a ...

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Personality Assessments

nalities. Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Greek philosophers such as Hippocrates (400 B.C.) and Galen (140/150 A.D.) classified 4 types of "humors" in people. Each type was believed to be due to a ...

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Human Development Focusing On Aggression among Adolescents

, more recent research suggests that children feel harmed by indirect aggression, especially girls. Galen and Underwood (1997) presented fourth, seventh, and tenth grade boys and girls with several vi ... at relational aggression is a helpful construct for understanding anger and aggression among youth, Galen and Underwood (1997) suggested that it should be expanded to include various types of facial e ...

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