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ther was made a ceasor (subemperor); Constantine was left at the court of emperor Dicoletian, where Galerius took care of him. Galerius was a Ceasor along with Constantinus. When Diocletian and Maximi ... a Ceasor along with Constantinus. When Diocletian and Maximiam resigned in 305 C.E.Constantinus and Galerius then became the new emperors. Constantine's father Constantinus died and his soldier declar ...

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ne was also the son-in-law of Maximian. He helped rule in the west with the military. The other man Galerius assisted Diocletian in the east with administrative duties. Galerius was the son-in-law of ... ruled Britain, the situation was not so clear in the east. Sometimes Diocletian was in the east and Galerius on the Danube. In having all of these men on every side of the empire it lessened the proba ...

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aximan Augustus took charge of the western empire. Later on two junior co-emperors were added named Galerius and constantius Chlorus. In 305, the two senior emperors retired and the two juniors took t ...

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