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What really makes a car go? The Four-Stroke Cycle.

the components of a four-stroke engine better, a little background information may be needed. 'In a gasoline engine, exhaust and intake manifolds (tunnels) and valve ports(inlets or outlets) are neede ... power because it forces fuel molecules together to aid combustion by releasing more energy from the gasoline' (Freiburger 76). And 'since compression and power are directly related, both valves must b ...

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New product or service

cles; however we are at the mercy of other countries to supply the United States with the amount of gasoline Americans consume. Therefore instead of looking at other ways of obtaining gasoline Toyota ... been around since November 23, 1905 (, which indicated an electric motor would augment a gasoline engine. However, the vehicle acceleration was from zero to the 25 miles per hour in just 1 ...

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A Comprehensive Review of Economic Indicators and the Auto Industry

rking on motorized vehicles, unbeknownst to each other. When Nikolous Otto patented the four-stroke gasoline engine in 1876, the automotive industry began. This type of engine is still used today. The ... nded our geographic boundaries, it has created industries where there were none such as auto parts, gasoline, fast-food restaurants, drive-in movies, and even drive-in funeral homes (Wright, 1996).Aut ...

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Efficiency Of Transportation

if you are conscious of the health of the environment. Because the electric car lacks the standard gasoline engine in most of today?s cars, they produce little, if any emissions. An electric car is t ...

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The Future in Automobile Technology

itches. A hybrid automobile is a little different. A hybrid automobile is a vehicle that combines a gasoline engine and an electric motor. These cars are not as efficient as the fuel celled vehicles a ... 66 mpg on the highway; this is compared to 37 mpg on a Honda Civic, one of the most fuel-efficient gasoline powered automobiles on the market. (Fuel Economy, 2004) Now I will explain how they work. A ...

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Automotive emissions

anging the Air/Fuel ratio or using some combustion processes as CAI (controlled auto ignition) GDI (gasoline direct injection).The present debate about reduction of CO2 emissions makes improvement of ... t debate about reduction of CO2 emissions makes improvement of fuel consumption a central topic for gasoline engine developers.A variety of technological solutions are available to realize this improv ...

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Demand of hybrid car in Malaysia

hybrid car from a conventional car is that a hybrid car contains two engines which are traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor and batteries. The concept of the two engines is the car uses ... leage. It is because the wheels are driven by electric motor when the car driving at low speed. The gasoline engine will shut off and stay off naturally until the car reaches 15 to 20 miles per hour. ...

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