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"The importance of appearance".

! The nicest person (the kind that shares her Hostess cupcakes with you at lunch) could be called a geek just because they wear large brown rimmed glasses, or get straight A's in school every semester ...

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Computer Geek

ere! Well, the parts were here anyway. Now all I had to do was to put it together. God, I am such a geek.When the FedEx guy rang the doorbell, I bolted to the door eagerly anticipating the arrival of ... z System Bus and 512 KB L2 Advanced Transfer Cache.A coworker once told me that I am the "über geek" of computers. A fact that I am quite proud of. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed playing aroun ...

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Super Granny(AKA Cameron Woodard) By: Cameron Woodard

f his school peers realized this, his secret life would be exposed and his cover as a weird looking geek would be ruined. It was his duties to stay in school, set an example, and on the side fight evi ...

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To Motivate, Don't Demotivate

ut what got to me was that they both referred to me as a "motivational speaker."Since I'm a typical geek, the phrase motivational speaker immediately sets off alarm bells in my mind. It conjures up an ...

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"War Games" and the 80's.

ther attacked.The ever uplifted computer hacker must have grown up in the 80's. Before the 80's the geeks were always the people who had nothing better to do than to play with AM radios and go to star ... do than to play with AM radios and go to star trek conventions. When computer came out a new age of geek was born and universally accepted. For me as a viewer, that kid looked pretty cool breaking int ...

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Stereotypes in Society.

about me, I was not even given a chance in my grammar school education. I was set aside to be the "geek", the "smelly kid", and the "HINDU". Ah the Hindu, it is quite comical to look back upon those ...

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Just a creative story about a girl who goes on a surfing camp: "Surfing for Jen"

n San Diego. Two years ago was when my life truly began. You could say that before this I was a big geek, I had the huge glasses, overalls that were to small for me, my short brown hair was always tie ...

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Geek Hatred: Violent Reactions To The Extraordinary

The novel Geek Love by Katherine Dunn gives an insightful look into human nature. In telling a story about sid ...

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ake any enemies of anyone, until he can withdraw from this hellish reality. He is separate from the geek of the class that does all his homework and wears glasses. He's just the one that everyone push ...

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Stone angel

finitions to , "success," one may judge succsess on how much money make. This man in my mind is a, "geek." But a sucsessful one when it comes to money. With out his know how, and initiative he wouldn' ...

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America Needs Its Nerds

associated with computers and books- these characteristics constitute the stereotype of the average geek. Students are afraid to reveal their identities in an environment among their peers because of ... expresses his disgust for the unjust treatment of individuals who are essential to our country- the geeks. He addresses the American public with a call to action to put geeks into their deserved posit ...

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