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William Holman Hunt's "The Awakening Conscience" & "Félicien Rops" Pornokrates.

Symbolism, Gender Relationships & Sexual Hypocrisy in Victorian Art.An examination of William Holman Hunt's ... s of each other but both portraying exceptionally different ideas and values of social morality and gender relationships. By examining William Holman Hunt's The Awakening Conscience[ ] and Féli ... ra, of which they were completed in, this essay seeks to identify the reasons for the difference in gender relationships portrayed in these art pieces.Sexual and moral values are always changing. Duri ...

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What does Williams's depiction of Blanche and Stanley's lives say about desire?

natural urges. Blanche's culture also forbids love to cross boundaries of class, race, and "normal" gender relationships. This means that, for Blanche, all but a narrow realm of sex is illicit, demoni ...

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Women of the Klan

ispels many misconceptions and explains the notion of organized racism. She also sheds light on how gender relationships shape participation in the movement as a whole. It may seem surprising that wom ... al to their campaign for racial supremacy. The WKKK felt the need to "contradictory interactions of gender politics with the politics of race, religion, and class", and banded together to get the vote ...

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