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Stats changed from before 1960 until present.

or just use the internet to look up just what they want to see about for free. In 1994 and 2000 the General Social Survey asked how often you read the newspaper. When asked this questioned in 1994 we ...

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Family Life is Good for You.

%, to 6.4 million from 6.2 million, over the same period.The figures come from Statistics: Canada's General Social Survey, which collected information on relationship ties, marital splits and new unio ...

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

the merchant marines had led to more positive attitudes towards African American sailors.In 1990, a General Social Survey was conducted. The survey included 1, 150 white respondents from 84 sampling l ... Mary Lee Taylor, one of the students selected to work on the hypothesis with Allport, used the 1990 General Social Survey to answer that question by studying the demographic area of the sampling units ...

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The Value Of Work

t all. Work can provide basic need and necessities, as well as give pride, satisfaction routine and social benefits.It is true many people work to provide for themselves and their families. The money ... al in maintaining life for many people.On the other aspect, work is a substantial way of satisfying social needs. Work can give you a sense of pride in what you do. A worker may feel he has a purpose ...

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Spanking and its effects

.METHODS:Data was collected from websites, journals and magazines and doing analysis with data from General Social Survey (GSS) 2006. The GSS 2006 is comprised of 4510 samples and relevant Demographic ...

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in the 1992 study was about one sexual episode a week, lasting about half an hour.The university's General Social Survey (GSS) database on sexual activity has grown to nearly 10,000 respondents since ... trustworthy. In other words, some Americans who have more sex may be attempting to compensate for a general attitude of suspicion or mistrust. Sex is universally cited as Americans' favorite activity. ...

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Why Conservatives are happier then Liberals: A comprehensive study looking at the factors of happiness

ta on the issue of who is happier liberals or conservatives. Three variables were acquired from the General Social Survey (GSS): Happiness, Political ideology, and church attendance. These variables w ... of people who were liberal compared to the happiness of conservatives; conservatives ended up being generally happier overall. There are a variety of theories as to why this is; but through the litera ...

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What the World Needs, The Problem

ues were brought into sharp focus recently by two major studies. "In the first, using data from the General Social Survey (GSS), a group headed by Duke University researcher Miller McPherson found tha ...

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Econometrics- Wiretapping

oject is that an increase in one's income causes one to be more likely to approve of wiretapping in general. I chose this hypothesis because I have a suspicion that as people earn more money and secur ... chnology, by James E. Katz and Annette R. Tassone. In their research, they indicate that privacy in general is an issue that Americans are very concerned about, with 2 out of every 3 respondents ratin ...

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