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Why Socrates should be found Guilty?

attle of Amphipolis in 422. He was considered a hero by the people of Athens.In 406 B. C a trial of generals who commanded an Athenian fleet at the battle of Arginusae was held. They were accused of f ... ginusae was held. They were accused of failing to pick up survivors and the dead of the battle. The generals defended themselves by claiming that the rescue of the bodies would be impossible because o ...

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Alfred Nobel

nical workshop which provided equipment for the Russian army and he also convinced the Tsar and his generals that naval mines could be used to block enemy naval ships from threatening the city. The na ...

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The Power of Decision

The Power of DecisionDecisions shape our lives. In history , the decisions of leaders and generals have changed the course of mankind. In today's world , multi-billion dollar corporations re ...

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What lead to the fall of the roman empire - Breif Summary

to correct their errors. At Rome's end however, there was really no good rulers. For example great generals like Stilicho were killed because the emperor feared losing his throne to them. If you kill ... ke Stilicho were killed because the emperor feared losing his throne to them. If you kill your best generals, your army will never be as good as it could be.Another important factor is that of Roman u ...

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The Life of Charlemagne

d many of his armies battle to victory on the battle field himself and was on of the most respected generals and eventually dictators of the time.One of the reasons that Charlemagne is so remembered i ...

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Civil War, the greatest war in American history

en died in it. It was not only the immensity of the fight but the new weapons, the new standards of generalship, and the strategies of destruction which made the Civil War an event present ever since ... the surrender at Appomattox. In fact, Civil War wasn't simply the story of great battles and great generals, it was also an elaborate portrait of ourselves, American people- individuals and families, ...

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Why the North Won the US Civil War

h their ability to function independently, muchless to wage war. It was neither Northern troops nor generals that wonthe Civil War, rather Northern guns and industry.From the onset of war, the Union h ...

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Vimy Ridge: Canada Defines Itself Through Its Military Achievement This history essay was also restricted in length

battle; therefore, he treated it with anunparalleled degree of seriousness. Previously, few Allied Generals recognized the need for thorough preparation when planning an attack. Currie changed this v ...

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Significant places in Havana, Cuba.

s the old Havana; in there you can find the Castle of the Real Force and the Palace of captains and generals. These constructions where made to protect the city by the attack of English when Cuba was ... t the city by the attack of English when Cuba was colonize by Spain and were also the home for many generals and captains. These structures were very well built; the material is like rock and its stan ...

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What are the essential ingredients to a successful military leader? Please draw your essay from the Taylor/Rosenbach text.

accepted and encouraged by my professor.Essay:Completely stripped of all "superfluous" information, Generals Ridgway and SLAM Marshall offer the following checklist as to the ingredients of successful ...

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The Killer Angels letter from Longstreet to his wife.

Dear Louise,Things have changed a lot in a short period of time. One of our generals was preparing his army for a battle, when they made a surprise attack. It was devastating. ... sing badly. That was the end of the battle of Getteysberg.Lee surprisingly apologized to all of the generals. I still see him as a great general although we disagree sometimes. I had some friends on t ...

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Review of Nazi propaganda movies.

in Germany. By viewing these films one can see the overall state of affairs in Germany and also the generals beliefs the Nazi party holds that they are trying to pass on to the German public.The Nazi ...

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Advertising makes us buy things we don't need with money we don't have.

large influence in important decisions. The government also uses them for various reasons; surgeons generals warnings, new cures for deceases, and information on criminals or missing persons. The cons ...

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Civil War Cell phones.

think how much more difficult it was to communicate during the Civil War as compared to our modern generals. The U.S. Army officers in particular can really appreciate our modern forms of communicati ... lar can really appreciate our modern forms of communication. Just think of how difficult it was for generals, such as Lee, Grant, Longfellow, Meade, Jackson, and the beloved General Sherman. During th ...

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"We were Soldiers" and the novel "all Quiet on the Western Front".

the movie. The movie supports as a tribute to the fighting men, but not to the politicians and desk generals who used them with no purpose. The two stories both have themes about the brutality and hor ...

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"Rites of Passage" by Sharon Olds.

Rites of PassageA poem by Sharon OldsMinor Generals - By Henning ThielSharon Olds' "Rites of Passage" is about the hidden adults in the childre ... children are boys and display male adult personality traits that remind the speaker of small mighty Generals of war. The tone comes across sad, ironic and disillusioned about the future of the childre ... s them young, small and fragile, yet they behave like fighting men, frowning bankers and aggressive generals. She seems to be emotionally torn between what she examines now and what she remembers abou ...

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Seven Days in May Analysis.

States to protect the country.In the film, the president appeared to be much less affluent than his generals when it comes to the way the United States perceives the government. General Scott was look ... he President signed an agreement with the Soviets to disarm their navy completely, despite what his Generals advised him to do. He began to put this agreement into action, even though he knew the Sovi ...

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Just some notes on Socrates and the Trial of the Generals.

ors in the water. Some managed to swim to shore; most drowned, and few bodies were recovered. The 8 generals in command of the fleet were tried by the assembly of citizens in an unconstitional manner: ... command of the fleet were tried by the assembly of citizens in an unconstitional manner: by law the generals should have been tried individually, not collectively, and the defendants should have had t ...

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Summary of the movie The Patriot.

d they end up being some sort of a make-do hospital from the wounded that were left. Some Loyalists generals came by the next day and killed all the remaining Patriots and took back their soldiers. Up ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte. It was written to awnser a question for my grade 12 history class, "Was Napoleon a child of the Revolution?" My teacher was very impressed with my essay.

Napoleon BonaparteNapoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest conquerors and finest generals that France and even the world has ever known. He began his career as an artillery officer ... ntal rules governing civilized society.Napoleon Bonaparte thus stands out as one of the greatest generals and conquerors, a peerless administrator, a lawgiver, and the greatest diplomat the world h ...

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