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The Ebola virus is a member of a family of RNA viruses known as 'Filoviriade' and falling under one genus, 'Filovirus'. 'The Ebola virus and Marburg virus are the two known members of the Filovirus fa ...

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Diphtheria (Corynebacterium diphtheriae)

fter celldivision which brings them into characteristic arrangements resembling Chinese letters.The genus Corynebacterium consists of a diverse group of bacteria including animal andplant pathogens, a ...

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SeaStar Starfish, The

opseidae - Ophidiasteridae - Asterinidae - Asteriidae. As you see there are many types of seastars. Genus - Fromia, Species - Choriaster granulatus .~ HabitatThe northern pacific seastar is commonly f ...

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Biological abstract

about the molecular evolution and quantitative variation for chemosensory behavior in the nematode genus Caenorhabditis.2. Recently, Linderman single authored a paper about the contrast in the baskin ... C. 2003. Molecular evolution and quantitative variation for chemosensory behaviour in the nematode genus Caenorhabditis. Molecular Ecology 12(5): 1325-1337.2.Lindeman, Peter V. 2001. A contrast in th ...

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Full classification of the Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux)

: Architeuthidae can grow up to 60 feet in total length, and weigh between 1000 lbs and a tone. The Genus Architeuthidae are the largest known cephalopods, the largest known mollusks and the largest i ...

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Yowie (big foot) unknown creatures by most of the people in the world

tween 6-10ft and the smaller,yet fully-grown variety that is roughly 4-5ft. These different species/Genus are found in nearly every Country around the World.In Australia, there are almost 10,000 'repo ...

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Biology: Human Evolution

gs.The following is my analysis of the 11 specimen we were presented with. I have organized them by genus and in each genus by evolutionary chronology - the first evolved first and the most evolved la ... y - the first evolved first and the most evolved last.Igium Magnus (Large Ridge)The species in this genus are characterized by the sagittal crest that runs along the midline of their frontal and parie ...

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CattleCattle, that is the easy way of saying domesticated herbivorous mammals that constitute the genus. Some of the ways you can use cattle are: meat, milk, leather, glue, and gelatine. Cattle are ...

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"The Glory of Adam Smith' a biography of Adam Smith.

After two centuries, Adam Smith remains a genus in the history of economic thought. Smith is known primarily for a single work, The Wealth of ...

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Tabacco in America

China. Though it is related to tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants, it yields devastating effects. The genus of this crop: Nicotiana tabacum; better known as tobacco, is the main ingredient of smoking pr ...

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My Favorite Fruit

ssified as a Pome. Pomes are fruits that have a core, and belong to the rose family Rosaceae. Their Genus is Malus, and there are 25 existing species of Apples.Apples are available all year round. ...

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Three-toed Sloth

zilian three-toed sloth is in the Mammalia class, an Endentata, its family is the Bradypodidae, its genus is Bradypus, and its species is the Bradypus variegatus. The Brazilian three-toed sloth is a s ...

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The local ecosystem of Mt keira. plant adaptations and abundance as well as human impacts on the environment

alypt leaves are covered with oil glands. The copious oils produced are an important feature of the genus they help defend it from herbivores because in large amounts they are toxic. It is thought the ...

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Creole Culture and the Idea of Autonomy in Martinique

re Spanish was yet unidentified (Althusser, Louis., 2001, 127-86).By addition, creole language as a genus of mirror of Creole culture interferes into French traditions of organizing society as associa ...

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REPTILIA: TESTUDINES: CARETTOCHELYIDAE CARETTOCHELYS INSCULPTA This is a species account on the Carettochelys insculpta or also known as the Fly River turtle or the Pig-nosed turtle

Pig-nosed turtle.Carettochelys insculpta . Ramsay,1886.Content. Is the only surviving member of its genus and the family Carettochelyidae (IUCN 2004).Definition. Carettochelys insculpta is a moderatel ... 1886) and had said to be among both the freshwater turtles and the sea turtles (Ramsay, 1886). The genus was then given to a new family, the Carettochelyidae (Boulenger, 1887) and Baur (1891) was the ...

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