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Exam revision notes for grade 11 biology. Units covered: microscopy, classification, plant & animal kingdoms, ecosystems, cycles, relationships/symbiosis and environmental change

ON=OCULAR MAGNIFICATION X OBJECTIVE MAGNIFICATIONCLASSIFICATIONTaxonomyKingdomPhylumClassOrderFamilyGenusSpeciesScientific namesBinomial system uses GENUS and SPECIES namesKeys1)branching Keysthese ke ... CLASSIFICATIONTaxonomy:·Kingdom·Phylum·Class·Order·Family·Genus·SpeciesScientific names:·Binomial system uses GENUS and SPECIES namesKeys:1)Bran ...

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Endangered Species:The Rhinocerous Iguana

squamta order and in lacertilian suborder. The Cyclura cornuta is in the iguanidae family, and its genus and species is obviously Cyclura and Cornuta. However, some scientists believe that the Cyclur ...

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n organism, we first start by identifying an organism's kingdom, then phylum, class, order, family, genus and species. All plants and animals have a taxonomic classification.In class, we did 3 differe ...

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Classification: Paper is on the kingdoms of Biology. Paper is long ,organized, and in detail.

ral to specific. The System of Classification is as follows: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. The kingdom is the broadest and the species is very specific. The scientist firs ... rganisms could make a new species. In addition, he also provided a system of scientific naming. The genus and the specific name. This is called the Binomial System. Latin was mainly used in this syste ...

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Baleen Whales

ough it shares similar characteristics to right whales.Gray whales have their own taxonomic family, genus, and species. They are the most coastal of the baleen whales and are often found within a few ...

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