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International Relations of Strategic Geometry

n a particular system of international relations, either global or regional can be seen in terms of geometric patterns of strategic configurations. It can be a case of simple geometry, in which A inte ... ions of Asia, more and the interactions of the main actors in terms of strategic configurations and geometric patterns of alignments and oppositions, then we can assess changes in the political system ...

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Coil pots brief history and how to make a coil pot

ary records, ancient Assyrian and Babylonian writings have been inscribed upon clay tablets. Simple geometric patterns in monochrome, polychrome, or incised work are common to pottery of prehistoric a ...

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Celtic knot- Art of the celts

ng of the Christian influence on the Celts in about A.D. 450. There is much evidence for the use of geometric patterns as ornamentation particularly in jewelry before that time. Some historians have t ...

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A Look at Jun Kaneko

nted with dynamic colors and designs that allow the viewer to become lost in the sculpture. Kanekos geometric patterns often give the sculptures a since of energy and movement. The forms of the sculpt ... for the most part are either a long ovule form or a wide triangle form. The forms are somewhat of a geometric abstraction. A Dango sculpture is always painted with some sort of design or pattern that ...

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The architectural movement in the twentieth century

gns which later used for structural designs with decorative characters, curved lines, organic & geometric patterns.(Wolf, n.d) However, Art Nouveau was short lived for the style ended by the outbr ... he style lived as a simplified appearance of classical architecture that portrait the future with a geometric, sleek & dramatic essence. In addition to the presence of jazzy patterns, Art Deco was ...

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