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Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles Name of painter: David Hockney this is about david hockneys painting in metropoliten museam of art.this is disccription of a painting in art terminologies

ife.This painting portrays an apartment in Los Angeles. It has a lot of furniture of different geometric shapes. Also the ceiling is triangular. This form of painting amuses me because of the m ... rectangles and the triangles on the ceiling are all together. There are objects that have unknown geometric shape. Also there are objects with soft edges and hard edges. Some of the couches have ro ...

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How Moholy-Nagy made photography manifestly modern. This essay discusses the ways that Moholy used and thought about photography differently.

nifestly modern?A typical Laszlo Moholy-Nagy photograph might feature hard diagonals or contrasting geometric shapes, often under harsh lighting that cast dramatic shadows within the photo. Moholy is ...

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Physics in 3D Worlds - Relating Video Games to Schoolwork

). They are all the 3D models involved in the 3D world and they are made up of (visually) just many geometric shapes. Obviously, if geometry were involved in these 3D worlds (all of them, in fact), th ... sly, if geometry were involved in these 3D worlds (all of them, in fact), then that would mean that geometric concepts (such as volume and area) would also be used [or, at the least, would help sooner ...

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20th-Century Genius Award: Frank Lloyd Wright

skills in spatial cognition which showed in his work. Many of his architectural designs manipulated geometric shapes and drew upon his creativity of design. In a time where many other architects were ... o be a great architect. To help spark his interest in architecture, his mother bought him Froebel's geometric blocks to entertain and educate her son. Not only did it spark an interest in Frank, but i ...

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Art Deco

ture. Unlike its predecessor Art Nouveau, which used sinuous, natural looking curves, Art Deco uses geometric shapes and exotic materials like zebra skin and tortoise shell. A premier timber to the Ar ... largest in the world.Both these towers were designed in the Art Deco style. This can be seen in the geometric, curvy spire of the Chrysler Building, whereas the Art Deco influence in the Empire State ...

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"Wanderer Watching a Sea of Fog" by Caspar David: Terminology Analysis

the elements of design in this work. The use of shapes in this piece is limited but there are some geometric shapes for the rocks and organic shapes for the clouds. Most of the lines in this work wer ... clouds. Most of the lines in this work were curvy but there were some straight lines to create the geometric shapes. There is a bit of emphasis on the color and texture in this work. The clouds on th ...

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'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci

ne can appreciate many elements of design in da Vinci's painting. For example, da Vinci uses mostly geometric shapes to represent the windows behind Jesus, the doors behind the apostles, and the ceili ...

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Oil On Canvus

ng it a very rough texture. The lines in the painting are very jagged and edgy. The shapes are very geometrical and are very simple. The painting is has a lot of implied lines in the background. It re ... n of this painting is another reason this painting is a success. The harmony in this picture is the geometric shapes and the cool colors. It also had different colors and some implied shapes, which ga ...

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Artworks review

ting or rising, and the scene looks very picturesque. The art work is composed of both organic, and geometric shapes. An example of an organic shape that is in the piece would be the cactus, and an ex ...

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Picasso - Women Of The Street

gnon (pg…) is an interesting piece by Picasso. Cubism is represented because cubes and other geometric shapes depict the five women. This in itself makes the work Dionysian, since it is the art ...

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Stemming from Cubism, Futurism continued to focus on movement and geometric shapes, but also depicted society's optimistic views of technology. Filippo Tommaso Marine ...

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Van Gogh

ssy gift shop located right in the entrance. The floors were made out of shinny oak wood. Blocks in geometric shapes carefully crafted the ceiling. Upon approaching the third level the floor changed f ...

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American Arts

rendered with grace and extreme delicacy, and tend to be decorated with vivid colors and set off by geometric shapes.Perhaps one of the most celebrated examples of late Minoan art is the fresco fragme ...

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Picasso and Braque: Revolutionizing Tradition

reated the painting Les Demoiselles d?Avignon, depicting five women whose bodies are constructed of geometric shapes and heads of African masks rather than faces. The first impression made by the Demo ... s. All details have been eliminated and the foliage of the trees reduced to a minimum to reveal the geometric severity of the houses. These are continued upwards almost to the top of the canvas so tha ...

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Bust of Nefertiti : Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

as not representational of a real person. The shape overall and within the work is both organic and geometric. The face, neck, and sholders of the bust are rounded and true to the human form. This all ... o a crown than actual hair. Overall, this gives the bust a look of royalty. Within the work itself, geometric shapes are painted in the jewelery. Rectangles, ovals, hearts, and squares are all shapes ...

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“Late Geometric Cup” and “Red- Figured Kylix

The two art works that I have chosen are entitled "Late Geometric Cup" (artist is unknown) and "Red- Figured Kylix" by the Onesimus Painter. Both art works ... tyles. In addition both works also have similarities in styles as well. The first work "Late Geometric Cup" was done around the time period of 730 B.C. This type of work would be considered as ... ound the time period of 730 B.C. This type of work would be considered as Geometric Art. During the Geometric period vases and other forms of pottery were painted with complex linear decorations. Most ...

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Adoration of the Magi

her home or the stable where she will bear the young Jesus Christ. This structure is detailed with geometric shapes, which appears to stand out and catch the viewer's eye. The human- like figures are ...

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Exhibition Critique

this, the painting depicts a perception of depth. The clouds aid the linear perspective with their geometric shapes that expand over the span of the painting.Figure 3, which is found at The Art Insti ...

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