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Beethoven Paper, about his life and works.

mon to most people and is synonymies with great classical music. He is known, quite loosely, as the German composer who created beautiful pieces with an incredible disability. Despite an unhappy famil ... ng quartets and other kinds of chamber music, songs, two masses, an opera, and nine symphonies. The German musical genius made amazing new strides at the end of the Classical era and paved the way for ...

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The Essential Nietzsche

In Schlupforta he showed interest in music and was introduced to music of Richard Wagner, a famous German composer at the time. After successfully graduating from Schlupforta he moved on to the Unive ... the masses as a sign of his support for dictatorships and later on for Nazism and Fascism. The Nazi German regime implemented his ideal of the Overman to be the ideal Aryan man that professes not to b ...

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1680-1750 On Marc 21st 1685 Johann Sebastian Bach was born. A German composer an organist and one of the greatest composers of the western world. He was the son o ...

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Appreciation of Music Notes (Test 2)

rg Concerto No. 5, 1st MovementComposer: Johanne Sabastian Bach (1685-1750)Composed: 1721IMPORTANT: german composerwho got famous after death. Didn't invent new genre,baroque ended with his death. Ins ...

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Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827), German composer, considered one of the greatest musicians of all time. Having begun his career as an ... rk of classical music in existence, culminates in a choral finale based on the poem "Ode to Joy" by German writer Friedrich von Schiller. Like his opera Fidelio, op. 72 (1805; revised 1806, 1814) and ... ineBeethoven Composes the Ninth SymphonyIn Bonn, Beethoven's most important composition teacher was German composer Christian Gottlob Neefe, with whom he studied during the 1780s. Neefe used the music ...

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Nineteenth Century Music

from this era are Beethoven, Liszt, Hummel and Haydn. (2003)Beethoven (1770 - 1827)Beethoven was a German composer. He belonged to a musical family. He started studying piano at the age of eight and ... his pieces became well known after his death.Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847)Felix Mendelssohn was a German composer and pianist. He was famous for his piano compositions of songs without words. The po ...

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Beethoven: Symphony No.9 "Ode to Joy"

Beethoven is perhaps one of the most well know musical artists in the world. As a German composer and phenomenal pianist, Beethoven gave classical music a new power and intensity. He ... s of musical expression that continue to influence musicians today.Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Germany in 1770 and died in 1827 at the age of 56. It was obvious that he was a naturally talented m ...

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