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Oscar Howe

aintings I have seen thus far have dealt with the Indian culture. One example would be his painting Ghost Dance , 1960. This painting, I believe to abstract expressionism, it is a water color painting ... inting where the dancing figures are distorted yet you can make out some of the feet and heads. The Ghost Dance refers to the Ghost Dance Movement in which ritual dances were performed to bring back d ...

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The Ghost Dance and Battle of Wounded Knee

The Ghost Dance and Battle of Wounded KneeDuring the United States movement westward there were many peo ... ople; one cause of a major battle was the uprising of a religion that has been come to known as the Ghost Dance religion; and the major battle occurring subsequently and directly from the non-violent ... ntatives from tribes all over the nation came to Nevada to meet with Wovoka and learn to dance the AGhost Dance@ and sing the AGhost Dance@ songs (Jones, 25).In October of 1890, Kicking Bear visited S ...

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Biography of Christopher Bruce

lar music by artists like Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones. His productions include 'Cruel Garden', 1977, 'Ghost Dances', 1981, 'Swansong', 1987, and 'Rooster', 1991.InfluencesSocial and political themes eme ... eating interesting movement and tackling difficult issues. He believes that there is much beauty in Ghost Dances and similar works.Bruce is typically known for using themes that focus on personal or p ...

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The Devastating Battle of Wounded Knee.

n 300 Sioux men, women and children. This tragedy occurred as a result of the fear instilled by the Ghost Dance religion and the gap that had widened through many years of distrust and broken promises ... anger, hostility, and fear, they slaughtered hundreds of Indians. The Indians did not know that the Ghost Dance religion would scare the whites so badly that they could have kept it quiet and pretende ...

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The Ghost Dance Cult

The Ghost Dance Cult The Ghost Dance Cult was a religous movement among Native Americans during ... late 1860's. The religion was revived in 1889 by several different Californian tribes. By 1890 The Ghost Dance Cult was rapidly spreading among the Indians of the great plains. The plains Indians who ... rce of food. This caused them to search for a source of spiritual salvation, and they turned to the Ghost Dance Cult. The religion centered on a ceremony called the ghost dance, which ...

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The History of Sitting Bull

so forced to embrace Christianity, Americanism, and the customs and values of the white people. The Ghost Dance is significant because many Indians participated in it even though Americans outlawed it ...

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Incident at Oglala

an old men, women, and children, simply because government agents “incorrectly interpreted the Ghost Dance as an aggressive threat to non-Indians and called in the army.” Berg reports that & ...

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