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The giant panda of China.

~The Giant Panda~One of the world's rarest animals is the Giant Panda. Situated in China, the Panda was o ... thought to be a member of the Raccoon family. However, Scientists have started believing, that the Giant Panda is, in fact, a bear. The Panda is native to china and has been in existence for the past ... as been in existence for the past two million years and is sometimes called 'The Living Fossil'.The giant panda has a white, chubby body with black legs and a broad band of black across the shoulders. ...

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The Essay is A creative pieace for anything needed such as a short story feel free to change the names to pepoel you know and have fun

The Legend of the Giant Panda ManAbout the time of the medieval ages , a large shipment of animals from all around the ... st day his roommate Zack Bello, a so-called magician, gave Brad the power to somewhat change into a Giant Panda. Zack was later brought to the altar of sacrifice where he was killed.The next day king ... killed.The next day king Kevin let Brad free . That night Brad went to the Decay zoo and freed his giant panda friends . Brad and the panda crew climbed up houses while Brad yelled, " Giant Panda Man ...

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The Giant Panda

The Giant Panda is a small black and white bear. Most of its stomach and head are white with a black sad ... s must eat for twelve to sixteen hours a day, they can devour twenty-two to forty pounds a day. The Giant Panda is very close to extinction.Only 600-1000 live in the wild and that number is growing le ...

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e so many trees and animals living there.There are some examples of the endangered animals: Aldabra Giant Tortoise Bengal Tiger Giant Panda Great Indian Rhinoceros Spectacled Bear Western Lowland Gori ... tolian Leopard Florida Cougar Iberian Lynx Texas Ocelot Tiger Marine Otter Cuvier's Gazelle Western Giant Eland Manipur Brow-Antlered Deer Black Rhinoceros Short-tailed Chinchilla Giant Armadillo Nort ...

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Should we spend money for Zoos

habitats of threatened or endangered species, such as the Asian bamboo forests that are home to the giant panda and the South American rain forests that are home to the lion tamarin, a species of smal ...

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Lifestyle of Red Pandas

retractable3. They waddle when walking because their front legs are angled inwards3. Similar to the Giant Panda, they have an extra pseudo-thumb on each forepaw (6th-digit)3. Red pandas mostly consume ... pseudo-thumb on each forepaw (6th-digit)3. Red pandas mostly consume bamboo leaves, but unlike the Giant Panda they can also have fruits, acorns, roots, eggs, sprouts, grasses, insects, young birds, ...

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captive breeding in panda bears

driving certain animals close to extinction. One species of animals that have been affected is the giant panda. Conservation of captive populations plays a crucial role in the survival of Panda popul ... m each other. The greatest threat to panda survival is the loss and degradation of its habitat. The giant panda's range is steadily shrinking as logging operations harvest vegetation for fuel. In the ...

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