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Invertebrates. 14 pages. Has an introduction and includes a lot of information about all the subphyla of the phylum invertebrata.

for about 97% of the animal kingdom. Some invertebrates are earthworms, butterflies, jellyfish, and giant squid. There are two kinds of invertebrates, lower and higher. Lower invertebrates are further ...

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Sea monsters.

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Full classification of the Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux)

he largest known mollusks and the largest invertebrates ever known to exist in the ocean.Habitat: A giant squid lives between 200 and 1000 meters in depth, close to the bottom of the sea, around large ... s too close to the surface, it will actually suffocate in the warmer water. Warm water will cause a giant squid to rise to the surface and not be able to get back down.Feeding: Giant squid are carnivo ...

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Deep Sea Creatures Project

rustaceans. Recently on one of my expeditions I saw something quite interesting: What looked like a giant squid with a shell somewhat like a hermit crab but the tentacles weren't moving. So I suspecte ...

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The Sphere - Book Report

on, lobsters and jellyfishes began to flood the water with no reason and then disappear. And then a giant squid attack started and people from the under water installation got killed. As the plot cont ...

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Jules Verne Pages - 213 Setting - This book usually

Jules Verne Pages - 213 Setting - This book usually took place in the giant submarine the Nautilus. The Nautilus roamed the world's oceans. A group of men were captured b ... hey saw many amazing things like Atlantis and had many exciting adventures like being attacked by a giant sqid. As they realize that their lives may be in danger they decide to escape and did so. They ... them up and took them back to France. Exciting Episodes - My favorite part of the book is when the giant squid attacks the Nautilus. It is very interesting cause they use lots of techniques like tryi ...

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Colossal Squid Caught off Antarctica

2007, a fishing boat caught what might be the worlds largest known Colossal Squid (larger than the giant squid). There are also some distinct differences between the colossal squid and the giant squi ... entacles. I read my article at .The Colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) is heavier than the giant squid and has eyes as wide a dinner plates and sharp hooks on some of their suckers, probably ...

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Octopi and Squid

Larrabee 2Emily LarrabeeComposition 1Compare and Contrast Essay10/21/14Octopi and SquidThere are many ways to tell the differences between squids and octopi. These remarkable animals ... king at the appearances. According to, octopi grow from one to five meters in size while squid grow from one to twenty meters in size. Squid have one bone in there body. It is called a pen, ... body. It is called a pen, that is a hard and flexible bone that functions as a spine. In addition, squid have two fins located on the top of their triangular head while octopi don't have any fins on ...

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