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Rosenthal and Jacobsen, Experimentor Expectancy in a Classroom by: how much of an outcome teachers' expectancies culd have on a group of children

ey set up a camera in a classroom in which teachers had been informed thatsome of the students were gifted while others were dull. The recording showed that teacherstended to smile more at the suppose ... ormedwould be a study to see what would happen if a teacher was told his/her entire class was eithergifted or dull and see how they react to an entire class like that.I have learned a lot from this ar ...

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Educational Budget cuts in iowa (negative)

ng effects on Iowa schools. Some schools have had to reduce required programs (such as Talented and Gifted and Physical Education) to the bare essentials, not to mention eliminate the courses that are ...

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Gifted Girls - In Education, how to recognize

Gifted GirlsDid you know...Gifted girls receive the least attention from teachers.Girls who are gift ... nly 7.6% of the engineers.Some 94.2% of registered nurses are women while only 17.9% are physicians.Gifted girls initially have equal scores on achievement tests, but by the time they reach high schoo ... the classroom. Boys also got more attention and encouragement from teachers.The bottom line is that gifted girls need to be informed of and recognized for their talent. Educators, parents and society ...

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Mathematics: Grouping According to Ability, with resources

W. Riley reported that only 2 cents of every $100 spent on pre-collegiate education in 1990 went to gifted programs. And the 1996 federal budget allocated $3 million for gifted education. We spend far ... nd far more on education for children with disabilities than on children with gifts (Winner, 1996). Gifted children are usually bored and unengaged in school and therefore not reaching their potential ...

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Describe and discuss the social and emotional consequences for a child of being identified as gifted. Refer to evidence in your answer. (12 marks - 5/7 split)

Some psychologists believe that a gifted child's social and emotional development is not adversley affected by their being gifted, whe ... whereas other psychologists believe they are affected in a negative way.Early research using highly gifted children suggests that they don't encounter social and emotional development problems and tha ... at they don't encounter social and emotional development problems and that the self-esteem of these gifted children is as high as that of 'normal' children. This idea is supported by Terman's longitud ...

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Gifted Children

One of the most challenging types of student is the gifted or talented child. The gifted child is extremely bright; quickly grasping ideas and concepts ... ou are teaching and making interpretations or extrapolations that you may not even have considered. Gifted children may also have a creativity that shows itself in original thinking or artistic creati ... so have a creativity that shows itself in original thinking or artistic creations. Students who are gifted or talented are sometimes overlooked when educators talk about students with special needs.Th ...

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Education For The Best And Brightest

Education for the Best and Brightest The idea of specially educating gifted children stretches back to Aristotle, who recommended that promising children be given early ... magne, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, in 800 AD urged the state-sponsored education of gifted children from among the general population. Gifted education took a dramatic leap forward in ... et IQ test, and began using it to identify children with extraordinary mental ability. His study of gifted children dispelled many of the myths surrounding giftedness in that era, and is still conside ...

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Learners with Special Gifts and Talents

ey are children who learn quicker, think deeper, and draw conclusions easier than others their age. Gifted and talented students can suffer social, emotional and communication difficulties due to thei ... ties and as such, the way they should be treated in the school environment may have to be modified. Gifted children can be disruptive in a classroom environment and teachers must be aware of the techn ...

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Why is it essential for teachers to recognize that each child is different?

average to above average intelligence (Donnelly & Altman, 1994; Rimland, 1978) and up to 1% are gifted. Without treating people as individuals but labelling them, they might not have the opportuni ... rning should be meaningful to individual persons but also be of value to society. If students, even gifted ones, don't see meaning in their individual learning they may well contemplate dropping out o ...

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Education for gifted children has received less attention than many

Education for gifted children has received less attention than many other areas of special education. In 1972, the ... al attention to this subject. It stated that the U.S. needed to put more effort into developing the gifted youth, and it defined giftedness and its major types ( Feldhusen, 165). Although this report ... r important events in history brought attention to the lack of resources allocated to educating the gifted, teachers still are not as well trained, as they need to be in this area. In order to be an e ...

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My Experience

ing a broad range of physical, mental, social and behavioral challenges that affect their learning. Gifted and Talented (G/T) students whereas gifted students excel academically and the talented stude ...

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