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Why do Mazzini and Marx Support the idea of revolution?

Why do Mazzini and Marx Support the idea of revolution?Mazzini and Marx support the idea of revolution beca ... lution because when a society is no longer deemed fit by the people it should be subject to reform. Mazzini supports revolution because he feels the people which make up the majority of society have a ... ociety have a right to reform their social and political systems. Marx's ideals are very similar to Mazzini's however Marx's idea is that revolution should be strictly used to transform the current so ...

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Why did the cause of Italian Unity make such slow progress before 1850?

luential (if not politically, ideologically) figure heads arising in Italy in the period discussed. Mazzini was an inspiring figure in the unification of Italy. Seeing the failures of the secret socie ... nd union. He envisaged a socialist, democratic, republic. Although fundamental in inspiring people, Mazzini was not politically influential, his attempts at revolution, due to a lack of common purpose ...

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Italian Revolution(1830-1848)

The three revolutionaries Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Count Camillo Benso di Cavour are the primary names associ ... revolutions, as the Italians were determined to reach their independence from the Austrians. Giuseppe Mazzini was always surrounded by political dissent, and the resentment against the German-s ...

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How important was leadership to the unification of Italy?

ngthen bonds with countries abroad.On the other hand, there was a creation of a new military leader Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi was antagonized by the fact that his hometown Nice was given to the Fr ... a small period of time.The Italian Risorgimento was a success because of these three personalities. Giuseppe Mazzini, the soul of the unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the sword of the unification and ...

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Explanation of the role of Guiseppe Garibaldi in the Unification of Italy

Giuseppe Garibaldi has been referred to by many historians as 'the foremost military figure and popu ... , saluting his new monarch as 'the first King of Italy'.Therefore, in conclusion it is evident that Giuseppe Garibaldi's role in the Unification of Italy was a most distinctive and important one, wher ...

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Analyse and evaluate the social and economic causes of 2 of the 1848 revolutions.

on, while the radicals wished for a revolution followed by a unification of Italy; their leader was Giuseppe Mazzini.We have seen that social and economic problems played a different part in the two r ...

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German and Italian unification.

ermany causing the people to unite. Italian unification, or Risorgimento was able to succeed due to Giuseppe Mazzini's inspiration, Count Camillo Di Cavour's shrewd politics, and Giuseppe Garibaldi's ... German unification would shift the balance of power, and setting the stage for the First World War.Giuseppe Mazzini was considered the creator and the soul of the Italian unification. His ideas were ...

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Nationalism DBQ

achievements, and some common economic institution.Another Italian Nationalist figure in Italy was Giuseppe Garibaldi. In 1861 he made a speech in which he tried to unify the Italian masses who were ...

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